Wednesday , March 3 2021

Six people were killed in the accident of the al-Qurma Rania

Al-Taif – al-Yamam – Abdullah Assami

A notice was issued at the Saudi Redressal Operations Room in Makkah al-Muqarah region 12:05. The fire on Khuramma-Rania road resulted in several injuries and deaths.

Saadi bin Abad al Tubaiti, spokesman for the Saudi Red Crescent Society of the Province of Taif, said: The Operation Room got this letter and then ordered the five urgent teams to follow the command Khalid Maid al-Harithi.

When he saw the emergence of emergency teams, the number of his six cases he found was serious and moderate. Three of these have moved to God's blessing.

Al-Tubaiti has confirmed that militants have been transferred to Raenia General Hospital, providing the full ambulance service.

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