Monday , July 4 2022

South shares were down by 7700 points


Saudi stocks dropped by 32 points and lost 0.42% to 7,711. The market capitalization reached RO 5bn to RO 1.83 trillion. The pressure from the banking sector, led by Al-Raji, continues. Except Session, one percent of the market was lost. However, after a positive signal for today's meeting, the biggest loser recovered was 7700 points. According to the report, eight companies have not announced their financial results. In the 89 billion riyals, Nine months of growth has grown and gained in nine months. In the third quarter, they reached 32 billion Rials. The market continues to maintain its 17-month profits for 17 consecutive months, and the price of the market is more than 16 times the average.

Gross market performance

The benchmark Sensex dropped down by 7,711 points, or 0.25 per cent, to close at 7,657.30 points. Liquidity increased by 3 percent to 72 billion riyals. 2.7 billion RAL or 24,000 RALs. Traded stocks remained unchanged at 123 million trading turnover of 0.23 percent. Fuel price rose from 8 percent to 112,000.

Sector performance

Were against five zones. "Media and Entertainment" increased by 0.4 per cent and "insurance" by 0.5 per cent. "Real Estate Management and Development" 1.6% and "Commercial and Professional Services 1.2% and Third" Drugs "1%.
The highest turnover was "Basic Materials" by 32 per cent increase from $ 875 million, followed by Insurance 16 per cent, SR 430 million and "Banks" 165 per cent.

Stock performance

The highest achievement in the SR26.60 was in February. SRR 162.40 has the maximum exports of "exports" and "El Ahliya" with 8 per cent each and 11.78 per cent. On the other hand, it has risen to 12.78 in 12.78 AM. "Gulf Union", 8.3 per cent 13.35 per cent, "Solidarity Tarcaf", 7.2 per cent and 14.76 per cent.
Of the 260 million SRIs, 10 per cent share was allocated, followed by Al-Anma 9.2 per cent, SRE 256 Million and Solar Industry 122million (4 per cent).
* Financial Reports Division

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