Sunday , March 26 2023

«Sport Authority» begins «Formula E Village» .. Winners of a million Ral


«Oakas» (news)

The General Forms of the "Formula E Village" program in Al Khobar will be on Thursday. It will continue until Saturday. The public can enjoy this beauty as part of this program. Several competitions are organized in Saudi cities. A new education and entertainment experience.

The success of Formula E Village offers all fans to know the race in full detail. Vision of the country is one of the most important objectives of 2030 to operate a wide range of entertainment and entertainment programs that will ensure sustainable living standards, the Sports General Authority.

Electronic equipments can also be found in Formula E Village. The formal one is driving a car and moving around the world's leading racquet and enabling electronic devices to enable visitors to surround the world around the world. Those who take part in this program will be awarded with a million RALs.

The Sports General Authority is preparing to launch the Formula E racing event. Every December 15 dairies governing governments will be held in Saudi Arabia. These include a number of global sports items organized and evaluated by the Sports General Authority in various parts of the country.

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