Monday , August 15 2022

Standard & Poor's Warning Against Downing British Credit Ratings


The "Standard and Powce Credit Rating Agency" warned Britain could reduce credit ratings when the possibility of a "collective" exit from the European Union was far more clear.

A Draft Agreement on Briggetts UK All the diplomats in the UK were resigned.

Standard and Poor's said the project was not affected by the UK's credit rating. But from now on, an important factor is what will happen according to the agreement.

"We have a low level of low level in a very low risk of rigid BRICST risk," the agency said in a brief report.

A "randomly" departure from the European Union, the manufacturing and service sectors in the United Kingdom, is estimated to be subject to customs duties and trade barges that have been admitted to major European markets or reduced to their competitiveness.

Standard and Poor's said that key sectors would be able to reduce the prices of the European markets. From "negative" to "sustainable", "sustainable"

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