Monday , May 29 2023

Strategic Agreement Between Rangko and Adnoc to Explore Gas Investing Opportunities


Saudi Aramco and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) have signed a framework for cooperation in natural gas and LNG areas. There is a possibility of increasing the value and income growth in strategic importance of both companies.
ADNOC's State and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Sultan Al Jaber signed a contract with President of Saudi Aramco and Chief Executive Officer Amin Al Nasser.
The partnership is one of the world's largest energy producers to work together in strategic sectors to increase revenue from both LNG and natural gas.
India, Saudi Arabia, Adcom and ADOC are the two companies that have started this year and are in the process of expanding the expansion of the petrochemical project in India
Relationships between Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia provide warm security, abundance, solar energy, solar energy, solar energy, solar power, and long range.
"With the partnership with innovative partners looking forward to the future, there is a possibility of access to production of new growth centers for global demand in accordance with ADNOC's policy. This Agreement will increase LNG's global demand from the growth of global revenue and the world's two largest oil company Utilize areas of expertise in the expertise of technical experts.
The deal is emphasized on natural gas and liquidated natural gas (LNG) value added opportunities. This is the cooperation between two giants in the world's oil and gas industry.
He said cooperation with ADNOC would have a good impact on sustainable objectives and benefit two companies financially. He announced that a joint venture was aimed at large-scale refinery in the western coast of India.
The new deal helps us in the growth of Saudi Aramco's natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LPG). Increase our competitiveness benefits, diversify our business, and expand our international gas reserves.
Global energy consumption by 2017 million tonnes by 2017 will reach 500 million tons by 2035, ADNOC's subsidiary ADNOC LNG is the reliable supplier of this gas. A record track record of 40 years and about 2 percent of global market share of LNG.

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