Monday , May 29 2023

The butcher who looks like Mohammed Salah says the similarities to the strange state of Kuwait and Egypt


The similarity of what the Egyptian star Mohammed Salah looks like revealed the strange conditions that accompanied it.

Mohammed Ibrahim Ahmed, an Egyptian butcher working in the first slaughterhouse company in Kuwait, ignited his image while practicing his work in the Kuwaiti slaughterhouse, and was the standout among the sacrifices during social networking sites Eidan al-Adha, as were many and highly regarded. Take photos with it.

An Egyptian butcher, such as Salah, dealt with situations and jokes because of strange encounters, saying in a press statement: "Egypt's airport security was addressed to me and I went out of the private door on advice, and I did not change the advice after Mmsdokh's passport. "

"Likewise, Momo, who is about 28 years old," and refused to register my name without a card at a reception at Kuwaiti Hospital in Kuwait, however, I cut them off, though they insisted on the card. "".

Mohammed, who is a follower of Abu Makkah and has seen Liverpool's Champions League victory over Chelsea in the European Super Cup, says the similarity between them and Salah does not bother him. And I'm honored. "

He told an Egyptian butcher similar to Salah, "My daughter named Bushra, then nine months, I would call her Mecca, but because she was the first born in the house called Bushra, and yet everyone calls me Abu Mecca."

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