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The case is still under investigation. The embassy's embassy in the United States is dignified


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Family of two girls "Ratana and Tala": The case is still under investigation. On November 13, 2018, the US Embassy, ​​the superintendent of the site Mazmz,

Mehr al Mahmoud Sayed Al Najjar, a spokeswoman for two girls' families, reported that some of the "Roma and Talala" were reported in some media and recently published news about the two dead children in the US. God blessed them and reported that they were wrong and naked. Surprisingly, when news and movies like two girls do not, it is fake and embarrassing. Nazzar said, "Nothing has happened to people who have done some media and their victims are victims of their mental illness, but their daughters' s bitter provocations and the media's cheap business".

Some journalists broke the law and expelled humanity and professional morality and violated our will and principles as Muslims. On the other hand, they are not guided by the Ministry of External Affairs, the cadodium Ambassador of the two sacred mosques in Washington and his superior status as the Consulate General of Saudi Arabia, New York. In this case, a media statement calculated in privacy should not be said accurately. We will shut doors of all the authorities in Saudi Arabia or by lawyers of the two girls in the US. "Said Al-Najjar.

The grandson of the two daughters, who thanked their country for representing their gratitude and thanks to the country represented by its embassy in Washington and the New York Consulate. They argue that they still legislate in the judiciary, and the case is up to the end of the case. . The family said: "Until now, the case is still under investigation, and we believe that the facts will emerge, and we lose our experience in our betrayal and abroad, and our beloved country is treated and cared for in our country and abroad.

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