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The disaster of Azmi Bishrra and Arab think tank


The French newspaper Le Monde, along with the intellectual Azmi Bishra, raised many discussions and dialogues. Those who are against them, and are not eligible for targeted by people with sympathy for Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates. They have hostility to the Qatar State, and alone in this framework, they lightly and target literature lacking and loaded by what is done by the prophet. The revolutionaries have their own local reasons, and their changes need to be considered for the local and for the first time, and in very bad faith, Azmi Biisha as a reason for them or their deviation. In this context, Qatar's policies towards revolutions or the rest of the bay can not be explained by the thoughts of Bishrar; Gulf-Gulf differences in Doha exist.

Palestine first
Azmi Bisra is well-known in Europe in political, parliamentary and pedagogy, before she settled in Doha, in her research, the Arab Center for Research and Study Studies, Doha Institute for Postgraduate Studies, several journals and intellectual and political seminars were handled. . Before the dialogue with Le Monde, he did not respond to the press interview, but Palestinian and Arab issues arose and called them. The political dangers in this idea (the deal of century and the talk of Jerusalem's conversion as Israel's capital) and the emergence of democratic right-wing policies in the developed world, rejects the rights of the poor classes and people's rights, especially Palestinian rights. At the same time, the West supports the Arab world and, moreover, with the support of dictatorship and atrocities. It requires intellectual struggle. As a dialogue for the Europeans, it is the message of a well-known thinker. It includes defeating the Palestinian cause, denying the superiors policies to support dictatorship and abandon the regime. Is there. , Which he mentioned by criticizing US President Barack Obama's policies towards Syria and the Arab Revolution.
Azmi Bisra guides the movements of both Hamas and Fata Movement, which controls Gaza strip and West Bank. The re-activation of the PLLO, the restoration of the political role of the Palestinian people and the pressure of both organizations to end the division. It is necessary for Palestine's situation that Futu and Hamas are destroyed in a new move and a new organization, which represents the new phase, in which the situation has been settled after the Oslo Agreement and all the components have drastically reduced. PLo.

The secularism of the Arab world and Islamists
Azmi's view is the gospel of the European and American perspectives of "Priority of the Middle East" – the support of dictatorship and sectarian rule, the sacrifice of people and their revolution. If

"The problem with Bishops is the complete support of the Arab Revolution and this is an issue that has really eliminated all the regimes"

The work of the conversation is to refer to this issue, that is to explain Western policies and thus establish the fall of freedom and democracy, not only in the Arab world, but also in Europe and America. He criticized the East-West in its design as sectarian, and sectarian conflict (Sunni and Shia) is not new. She is always present in her creation. Azmi Bisra responds by saying, "It is a sectarianism that creates sect, not in other ways." Those who rebuild ecclesiastes and sects, and are present, that reproduce these sects, and thus in order to reinvigorate the authority of the West, ecclesiasticalism creates the reasons for these conflicts and identity politics.
Interlocutors Benjamin Barte tried to mention the role of Bishara in Arab politics, especially in the revolution, and response politics focused on the role of intellectualism. Thus, thinkers can not think of thinking. The importance of thought and its influence is related to the hard work of an educated person. Supervising man and supporting media organizations are actions that come into the framework of political and revolutionary conflict. This is what everyone is concerned about the revolution and the change in the Arab world. (Badam in the role of Azmi Bisra) in all of these?
The problem with Azmi Bišrara is the complete support for Revolution. This is an issue that has really abolished all the regimes. Is it an Arab rule that is not tired of the revolution and at that time comes the small form of reform to come? In all these countries where there was no revolution. A special relationship between Bessara (intellectual intellectual of the revolution), as described in the illustration, and "Muslim Brotherhood", as they make it, and it is only one who wants involvement in political proceedings. Muslim Brotherhood is an old organization in the Arab world, and without considering the debate, there is a debate about the establishment and the employment and how to participate in political life in the history of this group and its Arab countries and other branches, especially in 2011 Then, the need to change their attitude and ideas about the idea of ​​a religious state or how it is established, and citizenship and human rights. Following the concept of modern state, it is the state which completely sinks under politics, but at the same time assures political participation of all political forces, Azmi Bisra Naso has published this, many people discuss this issue and differentiate lawsuits from political The "Muslim Brotherhood" that needs is a democratic process and gets rid of every brotherhood and community from the state. And become a political party. This issue is referred to in the media after political Islam, which is taught in politics and is a complete choice in religious matters, faith and others, but also guarantees freedom of choice in relation to faith, antitrust, ignorance and others.

Qatar Revolution
There are more than one issue in which negotiators try to know about the state of Azmi bishar

"Certain security controls on any activities related to universities, research, publishing and culture in the Arab world"

Qatar, and did not disturb the man, it was his response that he was a guest, exile, and would not revolutionize the stable country, but also told the need for some amendments. In addition, he asked whether the people of Qatari will do the demonstration. His reaction was clear and precise: he would definitely support him, that is, he would stand with the people of Qatar as he did with the rest of the Arab people. In this we ask: Are the revolution made in artificial or for the purpose reasons? This issue is definitely here: How will revolution be revolutionized in the revolution in Qatar? This is a primary discussion, which means only by the contaminated door and devastating plot.
Azmi Bisra says, "I like the improvement in the revolution, she is safe." Then followed by a revolution that leads to cruelty. If the path of reformist is preferred then long self, to solve problems, affects the attitude of these people, as much as the calmness of living life with death, deep with extreme weakness, explosion in 2011? And then what will the thinker do? There are two options: standing with or ruling with people. Azmi Bisra chose the bath of revolution for the achievement of governance and democracy, and all the goals that allowed the modern change of Arab countries.
"The revolution has sown the seeds of change, and change will come through reform, revolution, economic crisis or war, and the options will be ready, and there will be less waste." Bishara says that, if reality does not come before 2011, and due to the technical aspects of communication, but due to the number of reasons mentioned above, he did not clearly explain the reasons. If the revolution is renewed, those people who continue against the interests of the people and people will disappear again. This idea leads to a big error in the reader, in which many authors fall, and they share the feelings of defeat, and say that it is ending forever (hard winter, decadence of revolution, triumph of reversal). Yes, the revolution did not win, and they achieved great goals (democracy, social justice and public freedom). But the rule also failed and would not be able to carry out comprehensive reforms now; Their (economic) crisis will essentially reproduce the revolution. In this context, new liberal policies, which was the root cause of the revolution, can be called industry and destruction of agriculture. As a result, there was a large amount of unemployed people, the decline in middle class and the collapse of their economic and social status. If "seeds of change" are planted, people will not be silenced again and again for a long time.

Cultural project
He did not live in Syria and tried to restore the relationship between Palestinian before his final settlement in Qatar

"Bioshara:" Democracy Culture "in our opposition

The territories occupied in 1948 and the Arabs of the remaining Arab countries. This law was a violation of the Israeli and Arab agreements at the same time. Israel prevents this, and the rules prevent this, and the reason is the same argument, which deals with the enemy. In any case, Bioshara computes the plan for Qatar, because she has already praised a cultural and media empire, not platforms. If a media aspect is determined to support the Revolution and Arab reality, especially Syrian one's problems, the cultural aspect is the basis. Any consideration of the status of Arab universities will be compared with the study of the organization and the favor of others, with the Gospel of cultural and cultural works. Qatar will benefit from the man's reputation and whatever he creates on his territory, but the question is, does cultural projects allow intellectuals in our Arab world? It may be related to the absence of cultural monuments, but its support is closely related to cruelty, and any cultural and educational projects capable of ending this atrocity are able to end Arab reality. Before that, the Arab mind will understand. Here's a crucial issue. How can we shape the mind with modern methods, visions, and policies, and contribute to young people to provide opportunity to thinkers, researchers, analysts and all fields?
There are no serious Arab research centers, and certainly in our universities, especially in the areas of humanity and literature, this topic is not linked, and every creative and thinker and analyst has graduated with it, it is related to her, her efforts and potential. I remember that the Syrian government did not tolerate the project started by Sadik Jalal al-Azam in the mid-1990s. It was about the establishment of cultural weeks at Damascus University. The project was closed. One of the most important Arab minds in Isthmus, the role of Assem al-Zaym was also a landmark. , How they were treated; Corruption and accused of corruption!
Culture, education and literature are areas that require care, assistance and funding; In these areas, workers need a lot of time for innovation, which is ignored. The budget of culture and education is the lowest in the remaining budget. . Thus, Azmi Bisra is entitled to say that Qatar has given her a great opportunity for cultural, educational and scientific work.

Criticism and thought
Critical image and Arab thought in Arab thought, that one gratitude has only one thought, not a single criticism, why the critic refuses to criticize, and why is one of the most reckless and grateful criticisms of others? Why not comment on literal text and references, and historical context in which it got seconds.

"How can we reconstruct national Arab projects, and is not hostile to the rest of the nation?"

In other words, why criticism is not the first and the other is cruel? Probably there is a relationship between criticism and democracy, when it is understood, the mind is overcome by many obstacles, it thinks in all its manifestations and thinks without any connection with the state of politics. Thus, the idea becomes independent and knowledgeable in the production and politics. But free and communicating, away from the denial and the spirit of pre-faith; Our universities have no place for Arab authorities like the following pessimism, as well as universities, their mind and mind research and thinking and questioning. There is also a state of thought in Arab societies, in which the idea of ​​others is absent, and only one parish attends by the duty of obedience; Each other is a parish, not a citizen and the other is similar.
Revolution was a great opportunity to learn, think, identify others, which the rulers had suppressed, but failed like the one above. આમ, એવા શાસનો છે જે લોકોના મનમાં નિષ્ફળ ગયા છે, અને લોકોના મનમાં સંચિત અનુભવો છે, અને ફક્ત વિરોધ નહીં, ફક્ત શાસનની જ માનસિકતાને પાર કરશે. આઝમી બિશરાએ આપેલા વિરોધમાં, "લોકશાહી સંસ્કૃતિ" ની અભાવ છે. આ ચોક્કસપણે બદલાશે; આરબ વિશ્વની સમસ્યાઓ વધુને વધુ જટિલ બની રહી છે. સ્થિરતામાં, પરંતુ અહીં અને ત્યાં માત્ર બળવો જ નહીં, પણ ક્રાંતિ આવશે.
આ ટીકા હવે 2011 ની ક્રાંતિની વાસ્તવિકતાને દૂર કરવા પર ધ્યાન કેન્દ્રિત કરે છે, કેમ કે તે જીતી ન હતી, અને આરબ સામાજિક માળખું અને આરબ સત્તાવાળાઓ અને ભવિષ્યના ક્રાંતિના સિદ્ધાંતને ખાસ મહત્વ આપે છે. વાસ્તવિકતાના વાંચન, તેના અર્થઘટન અને તેના પરિપ્રેક્ષ્ય નવા દ્રષ્ટિકોણ, વિચારો અને નીતિઓના પ્રસારમાં ફાળો આપશે. : રાજ્ય ધર્મનિરપેક્ષ, બિન-વિરોધી ધાર્મિક અને કેવી રીતે ધાર્મિક કરતા ઇસ્લામિક અને બિન-ઇસ્લામિક રાજકીય પક્ષો ધાર્મિક હોઈ શકે છે, રાષ્ટ્રીય આરબ પ્રોજેક્ટ કેવી રીતે ઉત્પન્ન કરી શકાય છે, બાકીની રાષ્ટ્રીયતાઓને બિન-વિરોધાભાસી કેવી રીતે બનાવી શકાય? રિવોલ્યુશન રાષ્ટ્રીય અને રાષ્ટ્રીય બંને છે. તેમજ રાષ્ટ્રીય વિકાસ માટે કટીંગના મહત્વ હોવા છતાં, આરબીએસ ગ્લોબલાઇઝ્ડ વર્લ્ડનો ભાગ કેવી રીતે છે, તેનાથી વિરામ કેમ નથી, અને સમાન સંબંધની સ્થાપના, પુનરાવર્તન, અલગતા અને અધોગતિ શામેલ નથી. અગાઉના રાજકીય પાસાં ઉપરાંત, અર્થતંત્રો, વિશ્વ અને આરબ વિશ્વની સ્થિતિ કાળજીપૂર્વક ચકાસવાની જરૂર છે, વિકસિત અર્થતંત્રો સાથે બિન-આશ્રિત અને સમાન સંબંધો કેવી રીતે સ્થાપિત કરી શકાય છે, તે શક્ય છે, અને દક્ષિણ કોરિયા અને ચીન અને અન્ય લોકોના અનુભવોને પુનરાવર્તિત કરી શકાય છે? ઉદ્યોગ પર નિર્ભરતા અને પ્રેરણા, અને આપણા સમાજની સામાન્ય પ્રગતિ.
આ લેખમાં છેલ્લો વિચાર આરબ સેન્ટર ફોર રીસર્ચ એન્ડ પોલિસી સ્ટડીઝ (એસીએસઆરએમ) અને આરબ વિશ્વમાં તાજેતરની વિકાસના તેના વિશ્લેષણની ટીકા છે. 2007 થી આઝમી બિશારા દ્વારા સ્થાપિત અને સંચાલિત સાંસ્કૃતિક અને મીડિયા વાસ્તવિકતા માટે આ એક વાસ્તવિક ભેદ છે.

"રેહન ન્યૂઝ" પર "આઝમી બિશરા અને આરબ વિચારકની દુર્ઘટના" નું અનુસરણ કરવા બદલ આભાર અને અમે સોશિયલ મીડિયા દ્વારા અમારા સત્તાવાર ચેનલો પર અનુકરણ કરવા અને ઇવેન્ટ્સ અને નવીનતમ વિકાસને અનુસરવા ઇચ્છીએ છીએ.

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