Wednesday , July 28 2021

The first half of the war produces a negative draw with Egypt

Here are the details

The production of the war and the first part of the Egyptian game ended with a draw in the 16th match of the Premier League in a match match at the Peace Stadium in the week.

Construction of two teams

The game started with the formation of the game: Goalkeeper, Arm Array, Mohammed Al Sayyad, Moataz Al Hanavi, Wahab, Ahmad Shaded Kainou, in the line of defense, Mahmood Hamada, Abdel Aziz Musa, Ghanam Mohammed, Musa Dewara and William in the middle.

Al-Masri started a meeting with Ahmad Masood, Ahmed Shusa, Mohammed Kofi, Mustafa Marcelo, Mohamed Gaber, Hajj Aves, Mero Musa, Ahmed Shukri, Islam Isma, and Grindo in the Line of Control.

First half events

The first quarter-hour of the game went without any real threat to both teams. The most striking attack was in the 15th minute when Egyptian striker Mahmud Wadi pointed to a wonderful header towards the goal of production, but Array Array got it brilliantly.

Because of the pressure to hijack the first goal of military production, there was a quiet relative to match events, but the Egyptian team was able to combat the pressure of the war and in the last 5 minutes the portside team was able to resist the resistance, which hoped to hijack the progress on the production Was not born.

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