Wednesday , May 18 2022

The Ministry of Health warns of the abuse of antibiotics


The International Week for Good Use of Antibiotics from May 12 to 18 will work with the slogan "Carefully manage antibiotics".

This week, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, aimed at educating healthcare professionals to raise public misuse of antibiotics for public health and to increase public awareness for public health awareness. Likewise, you should warn for natural medicine health issues and overuse of these drugs. Communication of Ministry of Health.

All citizens and citizens are advised not to take antibiotics without prescription, prescribing the amount of treatment for antibiotics as per prescription and timing of diarrhea, and the Ministry recommends not reviving another from the diagnosis of antibiotics. Priority.

Excessive consumption, antibiotic resistance is especially high due to the wrong use of this antibiotics. Antibiotic abuse of the antibiotics (bacterial, viruses, fungi, or parasites) is responsible for the current change in microorganisms responsible for this. It is not effective (antibiotics, antibuel, antiviral drugs …).

Inappropriate use of antibiotics in individuals such as the incidence (such as influenza), self-medication or combined use of antibiotics, and the remaining antibiotic use from previous posts, should be used.

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