Friday , August 19 2022

The rain falls on the sky of the Arab world in the sky of the Arab world today is a phenomenon visible to the naked eye


Thank you for reading the news about climate change following the heavy rain in the Arabs world in the light of a naked eye. Now with details of the news

Cairo – Mohammed Salah – The earth is preparing to pass through the dust of the comet in the orbit of the comet "Temple – Total".

The Jedi Astronomical Society of Jeddah reported that an average of 15-20 km per hour would be produced per hour. But no matter how many meteoric metamorphosis it is..

These 33 festivals are considered to be more than 33 years. There were no more than 100 hours in it, and the latest in 2001 was not expected in 2018. .

Seps are active from midnight on November 6 to 30 and Saturday (November 17) on Sundays (November 18) and Sunday (November 18).

This year, after the middle of the night, the moon will come back, melts the sun and frost in the sky during the day .

To observe distance, the observation of the eastern horizon with the naked eye can be observed from the dark lights of the city lanterns without the need for a telescope or telescope. The peaks seem to emerge from a front of the lion,.

Thank you for reading such news about the atmosphere in the Arab world that has seen the naked eye in Gulf 365. You are informed that you have completely forwarded the contents of the article to the seventh day and have quoted them. You can read and follow this source from the main source of this link. We are not responsible for the content of this news, which celebrated the Happy Day on the seventh day.

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