Friday , January 22 2021

There was panic in the connection of space in the "NASA" agency

An unusual error was expressed at NASA when the astronaut phoned from an unknown location and had aroused the enormity of security forces on the Houston Base.

Astronaut, André Kuiper entered a number of times while interacting with the headquarters on the ground and approached emergency services in the United States.

According to the network "Fox News", this event created anarchy in the Johnsson Space Center of Texas, and the call was sent to the security teams from the room, from which the call was dispatched.

The 60-year-old astronaut appears to be in orbit around the Earth at the International Space Station when he tried to call. He explained that he pressed 9 to make an external call, then pressed 011 to make an international call. 0, as a result 911 call, crisis number in the United States

The error was made by the astronauts and the chaos was not noticed on the ground, and remains unclear until the next day the email is received.

In an interview, Dutch astronaut said: "I made a mistake, and the next day I was told an email: Did you call 911?"

"I was very disappointed because they did not come," he added jokingly.

Astronaut, who completed 203 days of space mission, explained how to interact with the Earth in front of the International Space Station, where 70% of the calls were successful, it was noted that only fault is a significant delay in time.

"Sometimes people stop calling because they think I did not say anything, so I talked to the person soon," Astronaut said in an interview that Neil Armstrong's 50th anniversary of landing on the moon

In the same incident in 2015, British astronaut Tim Bake said in a tweet that he dialed the wrong number from the International Space Station and wrote: "I apologize to the woman who mistakenly contacted her and asked if this is the planet or not This is not a joke, but just the wrong number! "

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