Monday , June 14 2021

Three control the oil prices

OPEC (OPEC) said the total loss of global oil market was lost.

US President Donald Trump and Russian Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman are the world's third largest oil producers. Price will be in the coming years and over. Everyone wants to be different from something else.

Obamac can not achieve one goal, America, Russia and Saudi Arabia influence the world's supplies of oil. This adds to the product's output. The Bloomberg report says.

According to the Bloomberg data, the production of Russia is about 12.3 million barrels a day. Saudi Arabia has a production of 12.2 million tonnes.

Oil pumping is one of the best ways to increase production next year in Washington, Moscow and Riyadh.

The regulatory proposals produced since the start of 2017 are supported by OPEC and manufacturers from Saudi Arabia and Russia, "he explained. Their productivity was either raised or closely followed, whereas the US production increased unexpectedly.

This increase indicates that, in addition to the cheap empire's advantages over cheap demand and Iranian oil buyers, the supply chain redirected in the opposite direction of the market-based concerns.

Saudi Arabia announced a reduction in oil production from next month to oil production by oil refineries. In October last year, the demand for a reduction of 1 million barrels of crude oil was produced by producers. The threat of skin and trombone.

He said Mohammed bin Salman needed oil companies to provide financing for his plans to implement the reforms in Saudi Arabia. The international budget is expected to be 73.3 dollars per barrel. The price of the Brent crude is more than $ 5 in price.

Saudi Arabia has been receiving the price for the third year after cutting production.

He explains that the Saudi crown prince will face many challenges from Putin and Trumppt. The country's oil output does not show a decline in re-regulation, the Opposition is second Too big.

Mohammed bin Salman and Thumb are trying to maintain their political ties in the need for US senators to kill serious sanctions against Saudi Arabia and kill journalist Jamal Khashogi.

According to the report, the Saudi plan poses a serious threat to oil producers that could generate productivity for 12 million barrels of April.

The US oil refining industry is emerging that the turmoil's fury will be at stake and hopes for a equivalent in the oil market in 2019, he said.

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