Friday , May 7 2021

Tomorrow .. "Arab Doctors" participate in the modern methods of conferences in the management of hospitals

Under the heading "Management of Health Care Services" under the heading "Management of health care services" on the 3rd and 5th of the Arab Doctors Union in Cairo, Arab Organization participates in the 17th Convention on Modern Methods in Hospital Management, organized by the Arab Organization for the Development of Arab States.

The Conference, Health and Population Minister Dr. Under the help of Hala Zayed, with the cooperation of the WHO Regional Office of the Eastern Mediterranean region of Cairo, a number of regional and international organizations and related parties are being held in the presence of.

The Secretary General of the Arab doctors representing the union of Arab doctors, Osama Raslan, will take part in reviewing the role of the RSS and reviewing its vision in modern methods of managing hospitals in the Arab world.

He also discussed the most important challenges facing the effectiveness of academic and research health systems in the Arab countries and Arab countries, particularly in the field of sustainable development and in the Arab world.

Arab doctors offer 3 professional diplomas through the Union Arab Institute for Sustainable Professional Development (MADAD), Diploma of Hospital and Health Institutions Management, Patient Safety Diploma and Health Quality Diploma, which are related to the conference.

The conference will be attended by experts and experts from Arab and foreign countries, as well as ministers, deputy ministers and the Ministry of Health Ministry, director of the hospital, health centers, training and administrative development, patient experience departments and patient and patient relations and public and private sectors. Professional organizations and educational institutions, industrial and commercial chambers, professional and health sector investors, and civil society organizations related to the health sector.

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Source: Al Watan Newspaper

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