Friday , January 27 2023

Update for Huaweet Mat 20 users


Huawei announced the launch of the new EMU 9.1 for Huaweet Mat 20, Matte 20 Pro, Matte 20 X and Porsche Design Met 20 RS. Users of these four major models can now register for a new update. The update features the expandable and improved EROFS file system for readable files, improved compression capabilities, better performance and 20% faster random readability. The new EMUI 9.1 update includes an upgrade of GPU Turbo 3.0, which will support the use of 25 different games, dramatically improve performance and reduce battery usage, which will provide a more stable gaming experience with high, more relevant and efficient frame rates. Enables the use of Moon mode on EMUI 9.1 Mate 20 Pro and Met 20X, which allows users to take better pictures of the Moon using the Leica 3D zoom.

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