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Women's Corner – Braze is a deadly cancer

News – Women's Corner – Braze is a deadly cancer
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Monday, November 19, 2018 05:37 AM

To save your life from cancer, try to avoid breastfeeding more than 24 hours of chest. In brusses, working on the chest pressure and preventing extermination of the toxins of the body and forming non tumors. Meditate.



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Influence on breast brass

Studies have shown that wearing bracts and lymphatic cells in your body can be affected by the body. Common cells are converted into these cells every hour.

Some women have shown that women wearing long-term brushes are more likely to have cancer than those who wear for a while. When you go to bed they should be avoided, so you do not have breast cancer. And should not be burdened by breastfeeding.

There are many physical disorders in the chest. Long time, the warmth of the chests and the stress in these tissues affect the blood vessels of the lymph nodes and interfere with the operation of the lymphatic system by preliminary participation in the importance of toxic substances that lead to the transformation of these substances. Deadly cancer.

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Tips for Avoiding Breast Cancer

Breast cancer doctors wear chestnut black for 12 hours a day, avoid wear a thick brush, remove the chest and massage it with chest massage.

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