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9:01 PM – Braxite: Theresa May struggles to get his draft deal


British Prime Minister Teresa May, crushed by massive problems, backed the divorce deal with the European Union and did not receive Brettt's support.

"I believe that all the fibers of my tongue are the best way for me, the way I've followed," then told the newspaper that the "national interest" should take action.

They had faced three-hour MPs to oppose the deal. They tried to withdraw the 600 page text. Four members of their government pressured the resignation. Dominic Rab.

"The choice is clear: We can choose to leave without agreement, no risk of lack of bread, or even the best deal we can negotiate, the deal," said S. In May.

But in addition to the opposition's hostility to the opposition, the head of the government is facing many members of his own party. Many of them try to organize an unreliable vote to expel him.

The betrayal conservative MP Jacob Res-Mog is the chief of the strong European Research Group (ERG) alleging cheating the promises of the British people.

Support for 48 MPs, 15% of the Conservative Group's support of House of Commons to organize a vote, and later the conservative MPs in the voting bank for Theresa May. European Union MP Kenneth Clarke said he was skeptical. "No alternatives," Sky News reported.

On Wednesday night, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh boasted that he was supporting the cabinet. Following his resignation, Dominic Rab, Secretary of State Bretton Suuilla Breweran, Secretary of Northern Ireland Shellesha Wara and Labor Minister Esther Macwey Braxite, expressed concern about the fears of the Northern Ireland Northern Ireland fear.

– Second Reference –

This resignation has been announced by Massin supporters without a contract with the European Union in his own camp.

Although Teresa will not resort on Thursday, they receive support based on a second referendum on a breakepe.

The second referendum rally near parliament was held at the rally rally. "It's a trouble," said Empa Rappar-Evans, a 53-year-old writer. "The whole house falls."

The draft agreement provides a "backstop". The United Kingdom is the last resort solution for maintaining a consumer union with the entire European Union and more control mechanisms. After 21 months in March 21, 2019, Brettt did not have a contractual relationship with Belgium and London.

Dominic Rab, "The proposed control rule for Northern Ireland is quite a threat to the integrity of the United Kingdom".

Ms May argued that no contract with Brasser was possible without this guarantee.

Teresa May will now have to recognize the parliamentarians to vote in the draft deal in December, saying it will be approved in Brussels on November 25 at a European summit.

That task is brutal: his ally is required by the ten representatives of the small North Irish Union Party to get the majority, and his objection is publicly expressed. He added that the Labor Party can not vote.

The conservative breeder Mark Francois calculated that it was impossible.

Another Tory Andrew Bridger Teresa Meevi has resigned from "national interest".

"The government is in trouble," Labor leader Opposition leader Jeremy Corbin summoned.

The European Parliament's satisfaction was that Europe's European and European Parliament's satisfaction in the UK, with the exception of pound sterling between Europe and dollars, was "a great" prospect for Europe. EU.

German chancellor Angela Merkel said she was "very happy", while the French Prime Minister Eduard Philip said that "concerns" were about the end of the project.

European Council President Donald Task confirmed that the European Union was ready for a final agreement with the European Union in November. "We have prepared for the preparation of the contract, but obviously we are ready for the absence of the breadcrumbs", he added with a smile.

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