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"A Star is Bourne" and Alfonso Curon is the favorite of Golden Globes – all the news about Guadeloupe on the Internet

"A star star Born" with vocalist Lady Gaga and a Mexican Alphonse Coronation film "Roma" is the most popular favorite for the Golden Globes celebration on Sunday, which is the opening of the Hollywood season and sometimes draws. The way to the prestigious Oscars

Gala dinner will be presented by many stars in the luxury Beverly Hills Hilton, a 3-hour TV show, hosted by comedians Sandra Oh from the beginning of 5:00 (0100 GMT). ("Gray's Anatomy", "Killing the Eve") and Andy Semberg

The most famous, Golden Globes traditionally serve as an anticipating tool for the Oscars. But it divides the main categories into "drama" and "comedy" (the best movie, the best actor or actress) as much as the barometer.

Forecasts are slim because unlike in Oscar or other competitions, it is not the film professionals who voted but there are hundreds or more members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA).

AFP analyst Paul Dargarbaidian says, "Golden Globes are thought to be unpredictable, and so make them entertaining, but this year, there's a lot of eligibility in the big category, so anything is possible." For a special company, ComScore.

Although most of the Hollywood experts are now betting on "A Star is Bourne" despite last month's Vice President Vice President Dick Cheney's "Vice", along with the Vintage Portrait, leading the way with six nominations. "And both of her actors (Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper), who have a good chance to bet.

Prior to 1937, previous versions of the film (1954 and 1976) have met many Golden Globes, and critics believe that it will not be far from the rule. They do not rule out "big surprises" coming from "Black Panthers" or "BlackKelensman".

The Golden Globe "Roma" for the best foreign language film, Mexican Alphonse Coron (Oscar winner for "Gravity" in 2014), also participates in the category of "Best Director".

"Curvon + Roma has avalanche of reviews, and if this is the favorite of globes, this is it," says Dergarbaidian.

– "Popular" movies –

In addition to playing the lead role in the first step of the Mexican film "BlakeCleanensman", for "Green Book", Peter Ferrelly, "Vice" and Bradley Cooper will take the first step in the back of the camera, for him, the guide Spike Lee, "A Star is born".

Named in the "Best Dramatic Actor" category, Bradley Cooper is known to have a neck and neck with Ram Malack, especially for the portrayal of Queen Group's singer, Freddy Mercuri, in "Bohemian Rhapsody".

On the comedy side, Christian Ballet's performance, strangely with Dick Cheney, can earn a Golden Globe for the best actor.

But the film "Vice" itself divides criticism deeply, which can win hard competition against competitive fighters like "Green Book", "La Priyal" and all three actresses (among the queen, Rachel Weisz and Olivia Coleman in Emma Stone, in her favor ) And "Mary Poppins Returns" have long been waiting for.

Emily Blunt, who takes over the role of home carer with magical authorities for 54 years after Julie Andrews, will also face Olivia Coleman in the "Comedy Best Actress" category.

In men, the final duel will be played for "Green Book" between Christian Bell and Vigo Mortensen.

Some experts consider selecting too much (too?) Mainstream films, such as "Black Panther" ($ 1.35 billion in 2018 earnings) or "Crazy Rich Asiaans", better than others, especially by international reviewers. Damien Chaseel's "First Man" about Neil Armstrong and Chandra's victory is almost absent from Steve McQueen's nomination as "The Widow" (Claire Foy for best support).

Politically appropriate step towards "popular" and minority films?

Golden Globes also gives awards to television works, which are more popular with viewers, and therefore more creative and profitable.

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