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According to Apple, what's going on in your iPhone lives in your iPhone, which controls its competitors

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a world-wide gathering place for people in the field of consumer technology. Designed and built by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), it attracts business leaders and pioneer leaders from around the world and attracts over 4,500 exhibition companies, including manufacturers, developers and consumer technical equipment suppliers. , Materials, technical distribution system and more. The CES 2019 edition has been held in Las Vegas from January 8 to 11, and has been marked mainly by the presence of Apple, who had never officially attended before. One remarkable fact that draws attention is that Apple is not far from the Billboard Conference Center, where CES is going. The old formula of the signed question is based on "What Vegas is Worth to Vegas" and highlights the privacy protection of Apple brand's users.

On this banner, it has written: What happens in your iPhone remains in your iPhone. Apple has not made it clear for the first time that its users' privacy is a top priority for the company. In 2014, Pirecy has put more emphasis on the security of users and the secrecy of their data, in the scandal over Dicloud. The company updated its privacy policy to cover dosage usage, and CEO Tim Cooke published a message explaining the company's privacy and security policy. Tim Cook had agreed in an interview with American animator Charlie Rose, in which he said that Apple never read emails and iMessage of its customers. In his open letter, Tim Cooke played the role of transparency, and said that safety and respect for the private life of the users are very important aspects of the company, which at least inform customers at least one year.

We'll make sure that you report at least once a year about private life, and whenever we make changes in our policies, "Tim Cook says that failing to focus on Apple's perspective, private life is very different from its Silicon Valley Concerts Our business model is simple: Cook says, we are excellent We do not create advertisements for advertisers to create a low profile on your email content or browsing history. We do not mount the information stored on the iPhone or iCloud. We do not read your emails and messages for targeted advertising. Our software and services are superior to our devices. , Has been made to make it easy and clear, he said.

Recently, in October, international conference of data protection and privacy commissioners held in Brussels, Tim Cook, Apple CEO Tim Cooke, openly criticized this issue for private information. It has led the industrial complex of information in which private and daily information with military efficiency is turned into weapons against us. He added that pledging promises to improve our lives and algorithms actually increase our bad human tendency. For them, abuse of this confidential data has allowed malicious actors and some governments to take advantage of the user confidence to make the divisions more sound, to provoke violence and to weaken the general understanding of what is true and normal. Wrong The crisis is real. It's not fantasy, neither enthusiastic nor useless.

Let's remember all the useful objectives of September, new methods of using the collected data have been announced. Apple, for example, collects data from iPhone users to create trust scores. The company said that scores have been identified after reviewing calls and reviews of emails sent by mobile users. Note that in the update of its privacy policy, the company stresses how it can explain how to serve fraud against fraud. To identify and prevent fraud, your device's usage data, in which the estimated number of passes and answers calls and emails sent and reused, is used to calculate the device trust index while trying to purchase, you can read the iTunes store page and corporate Updating privacy.

It is also readable on the page that the system has been designed so that Apple can only store scores for a specific time period. However, there can be no doubt about the terms used in this update. They can be interpreted in different ways, some of which can be potentially invasive. And the response of the net surfers to this question is especially going in this direction. They felt Apple's update was very typical and did not provide them the necessary components. Some say that they fear that data collected under fraud detention will be sold to the public authority by the company. Still others feel surprised and do not believe that many businesses use such faith.

In the end, this billboard of Apple CES 2019 is the only announcement that Apple has based on the communication policy used over the years. This is probably not the beginning of a large-scale national advertising campaign, but focusing on the protection of life leads to the technological industry of the whole industry, Dell is a simple billboard.

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