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According to his son Carlos Ghos is "ready to save himself"

First release:

Renault boss Carlos Ghosn, detained on suspicion of long-term financial irregularities in Japan, is in the court "preparing to rescue himself", his son said on Sunday in JDD.

Renault CEO Carlos Ghosas can be released with Japan's longstanding detention on suspicion of financial irregularities in suspension, with "the only condition" to sign a confession written in Japan, which he can not understand, his son Anthony Ghosn, on January 6, JDD on Sunday Visit

On Tuesday, in the Tokyo court, his father said, "He is in a hurry to save himself", saying that "the only condition for his salvation is a confession."

"The paradox is that the person who wants to sign him is completely written in Japanese", or "he is not speaking this language", specifies his son who expresses himself for the first time in the press.

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After his arrest, he "can tell the lawyer that he or she will fight against the accused or contradict him and leave." His decision is clear for seven weeks. "Carlos Ghos was convicted on 10 December by the stock market authorities for illegally converting Nissan's annual reports.

"So far, we have only heard the accused"

"I have no direct news from him, I have his Japanese lawyers, he is in good condition, he is preparing to save himself and focuses very much on the goal of answering the allegations. The 24-year-old says he is particularly quiet .

These audiences "will be very important," he adds. "For the first time, they will be able to express themselves on the facts they have been criticized for giving their vision, and I think everyone will be surprised by hearing their version of the story, Ghosn said that it would be ten minutes to express himself" and "he Will not let go. "

To make the appearance, "he will wear a prison uniform and make a handcuff," he told JDD. In the custody of more than one month in prison in the capital of Japan, Carlos Ghosan needs to be present on his request at 10:30 (01:30 GMT) on Tuesday, in which the complainant will need to make public clarification. The reason for their long detention

"Takes It All as a Challenge"

According to his son, "he loses 10 kilograms of rice by eating three bowl of rice a day, he is opposed to it. Conditions are not very healthy, but he takes it as a challenge" and "those books reads, we spend almost every day Looking forward.

The father of four, Carlos Ghos, was arrested on November 19 and has been detained since then, has been forced to remain silent, and his lawyers, who can not participate in the inquiry and do not have access to documents in the case file, do not speak for themselves. Do not say.

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Ghoshan explains that "the lawyer has the right to question at any time two or three times a day, that can be delayed early in the morning and early in the morning and the inquiry runs for one or two hours." According to him, "Ambassadors, of course, as well as their lawyers came, who can visit for two hours a day, except on Sundays and public holidays."

Asked that his lawyers have "not yet entered the full file of the prosecutor", Anthony Ghos has confirmed: "In this case there can not be a complete perspective of defense".

On December 21, when the theoretically released on bail, Carlos Ghosus was returned to the custody for further charges. It is believed that there is a loss of Nissan cover on individual investments during the 2008 crisis.

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