Wednesday , May 18 2022

AFD Group with the participation of the Green Climate Fund


Christine Chalimet, Member of Justice JRDD, as part of the Youth Initiative to Combat Climate Change

The AFD Group, which is partnering with Green Climate Fund for the monetary easing of regional financial institutions in 17 countries, has launched the biggest events in its history.

Just a few weeks before a plant in New York, the French Development Agency (AFD) group set up economic systems for "change in weather" climate change. Green for climate. The AFP Group reiterates its interest in implementing the Paris Agreement with a $ 750 million program. This leads to low emission development and suitable deposits for climate change.

Very proud weather-based approach

According to the goals of the President Immanuel McConnell, the AFD Group initiated by Green Climate Fund (FVC) in partnership with local climate change climate change. At an unprecedented rate. This program aims at combating regional economic conditions to combat climate change. The program aims to provide the basic facilities for GCF and AFD and to take advantage of the long-term experience of the AFD Group in the financial sector. The countries in the south.

The GCF has sanctioned an amount of US $ 280 million for this program. This is the GCF's biggest financial contribution by 2015.

Convert local weather economics

The fight against climate change has to mobilize local actors. It is important to encourage local financial institutions to develop their financial activities in the fight for climate change. Developed and growing 17 countries benefit from this support, as there are very high densities in Africa (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ecuador, Egypt, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Togo and Uganda.).

The project is part of a custom approach by providing financial support and financial support to financial institutions and their beneficiaries. Local, Private Banks and Micro Finance Institutions are targeting this financial and technical support to provide financing for projects to create strong climate benefits from companies, farm cooperatives, or households. This program provides a major role in financing the climate change program because 40% of the financing is being offered.

In a double corner attack: climate and sustainable development

The development objectives (SDGs) implemented by the Paris Agreement and implementation are in the heart of the AFD Group approach. The President of the Republic has asked for a plant summit to donate to a reset of at least one-third of the carbon and reproduction investments.

This will also be a struggle for climate change and the struggle against poverty and inequality. Partner financial institutions will invest in recyclable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable management of natural resources, or climate and smart farming to ensure a sustainable and deep transition of local industry practices. A low carbon and a developmental expansion.

Regional economic actors are required to resolve climate change. Paris contract for cheap carbon recycling The AFD, with its objective of the "100% Paris Treaty", has emphasized its phenomenon and progressive precaution and its aim: to extend 750 million dollars in transition to the southern countries, particularly in Africa and regional economic systems. To fund the flow of climate change and settlement plans and to continue to be in a position to implement the contracts made in COP21. The AFD Group gave a powerful signal to the Green Climate Fund to give a $ 280 million grant to the event. Its basic role is to implement the Paris Treaty (Director General of AFDD, Remy Reiux)

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