Thursday , January 28 2021

Ahuja Steelwork has been condemned by MEP for the arrest of dozens of employees

Iran: MHSA condemns arrest of dozens of workers in Ahwaz Steelworks

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A group of MEG condemned the persecution of workers of Iranian strikes by Mullah's dictatorship: In his statement, he said: "Ahwaz Stellware workers are on strike for 40 days and we have been informed that on Sunday, December 16, 2018, on Sunday, the Iranian regime's security forces Dozens of dozens of people were arrested.

Many workers protest every day, and & # 39; We have fought, we die, we do not accept humiliation & # 39; Like & # 39; We fight Despite the arrest, the protest continued in the voice. Activists are demanding their detention partners, job security for strikers and removal of government mafia in these industries.

We call the President of the European Parliament Antony and President of the EU High Representative Federica Muğreni to condemn this arrest and to release the immediate detained workers to the Iranian government.

Tune Kellam, MEP, Estonia, Free Vice President of Iran *

Edward Kucan, MEP, Slovakia, Ex-Foreign Minister

Mark Demesmaker, MEP, Belgium

Julie Ward, MEP, British Labor Party

Heinz Becker, MEP, Austria

Jose Rios, MEP, Croatia, former Defense Minister

Friends of Free Iran (FOFI) is an informal group of the European Parliament that was established in 2003 and enjoyed the active support of many members of various political groups.

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