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Alla and Tati: When Victi is cut in luxury in Tarpuli


Paris (AJP / AFP) – This process has made the luxury world vibrant: In 1991, the designer Azélline Eli collected a drawdown in return bag, T-shirt and sneakers for her home in Terpole canvas. French popular brands

This unprecedented development of a unique collaboration gave birth to a performance, neo-expressionist painter and American filmmaker Julian Scanbell, for weeks of Haute Coeur in Paris, the gallery is open on Monday in LIAA, which will parade 37 houses from Sunday to Wednesday.

"There is something bold about this idea that the luxury can be carved in any medium. If the Azdeneline Alaa is given tablecloth or mop it will make a dress or dress in the evening. When we know how to cut everything is possible," said AFPA That was the fashion historian and exhibition curator Olivier Celder, who was a long time taught well at the fashion school for a long time. Do not regret it. .

At the time of the Great Franco-Tunisian Coutureer France, which died in November 2017, Zara or HIV was not included in France, "a very popular brand collaborated" and could not be a "big brand."

The purpose of "very Parisian"

Due to the highly motivated collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld's H & M, it does not need courage to become expensive in 2004.

The exhibition under the glass roof of the Alia Gallery in the Marais district contains paintings of Julian Scanbel, which has been painted on the coastal chandar, which includes large, highly recognizable pink and white Bernyard patterns and 27 "Honging" models. Total Appearance ", Elia Pants, Swimsuit, Cursets, Hits, Suits and Glasses.

"It was Scanbell who asked him to work on this issue." I did not have any marketing strategy, he worked through the theme, and this theme has been in history, "AFP Christophe von Wei, AZDline Elia's illustrator and companion "Models Embrace It Soonly"

During a visit to Paris in 1990, Julian Scanbele discovered the imprint on the store and his formula "The Lower Price". "I wanted to paint the French + (…) This pattern was associated with some popular neighborhoods where the street life was alive and alive, it was something Parisian," he remembers.

The successful series "Tata Paintings" gives the designer the idea to do the same for her collection.

"In return, I got ready to draw a bag, a T-shirt and a sneaker for them, my jeans and my knitted good work, but there is nothing left to do with the huge success of the design." In an interview with Liberation in 2004, Azendline Elijah announced.

For the 1991 parade of the podium, the podium's screen was marked as a ti, not alaia.

Elizabeth Taylor's wedding bag

Olive Sailard says, "From golden age to jacket, anatomical jacket, bustiers can hang in canvas, but only big people can go."

For the collection of home with this "Vicious invasions and disorderly" at this moment aesthetics were also included and very much photographed.

Olive Sailard said, "At least in fashion was starting to get established, it did not laugh, it was gray, badge or black."

In 1991, Alley Magazine made a double page by mixing aliases with tattoo cloths and forming David Bowie in pink hanging shorts.

Another strong memoir of the Taty era for Azélineline Elijah ", which was invited to Elizabeth Taylor's wedding in Jackson's wealth in California, during which the photographers were still strafing their bag.

Neo / Aluminum / Gold

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