Saturday , June 10 2023

Amadou Bâ welcomes 40,000 sponsorships


For the 76,000 sponsor, Guédiawaye reaches the 40,000 sponsor bar. This will satisfy Amadou Bâ € ™ s regional delegates from Dakar, who are demanding a union around Aliou Sall to reach the global goal by 10 December.

"It's time for the union, because the only good thing is re-election of President Macky Sall. That everyone tries to press that hurts, until the end of the presidency, that dirty clothes can be washed with family and all honesty," he said.

In addition, Aliou Sall, Coordinator of the Presidential Coalition Coordinator, went to the other members of the Republican Alliance: "Let MP Seydina Fall and Lat Diop be forgiven me! I will forgive them and invite them to meet in fruitful and honest talks that are capable of creating the foundations of unity , and on the evening of February 24 evening "

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