Wednesday , March 3 2021

Atépa Tear describes "defamation" and adds important details

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In an interview with WalfQuotidien, the presidential candidate Paigar Gudaibi Atepa, in the presidential election, has been very impressed with the McKay. He describes his pro project as a scam.

"Did you know that a 30 billion euro costs 30 billion euros and a Moroccan tag that was inaugurated on Thursday would cost about two billion euros and 300 kilometers, and when you face such conclusions, you will not be able to handle a country like this. " Pierre Atappa Goudiabi said.



Asked if Indians can study the possibilities of Dakar-Imperial-Cold Railway at Abdoulaye Wade,Ziguinchor.

"All studies are in the same price as it is tear, when I see this, I see all the children in Senegal themselves, they want a better future, I'm a patriot, He said.


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