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Batman Dark Knight 3 # Int. Integral

Album summary Integral

Lexus Luther and Brynack were beaten, won heroes. But then went to Batman. Gotham is once again suffering from crime, corruption and violence. However, recently it is rumored that Dark Knight has been living again.
Meanwhile, Superman and Wonder Woman's daughter Lara went to the Fort of Solitude where her father was banished. At the spot, she realizes that the city of Kandor needs help. She calls Ray Palmer, aka Atom, to see if she can do anything …

By Berthold,

This integral takes over Batman: DK III: Master Race 1 to 9

Master race, Batman's original title – Dark Knight III continues the work of the Sect The Dark Knight Return and Again Dark Knight Strike.
For this third part, Frank Miller resumes the role of screenman writer, but using Brian Azarello, to let us know this new adventure of "old" Batman!
Without equating the original work, this third "season" is still "the best" in the second opus.
We've met Kerr, Old Robin, Wonder Woman, Lara, Superman, Girl with Superman, and many other surprising ventures that keep us going with these 400 pages, with lots of thrills and action scenes. What is the purpose of this kind of story still: Be a very good entertainer!

Andy Cubert is responsible for the graphic part. It gives us more jobs than employed. It is very effective, some beautiful ways that mark the soul. In the mini-derivatives with the main plot, we found some characters including Solo, some other artists, Frank Miller, John Romita Junior or Eduardo Risa. Each person brings its style and sensitivity.

At the right time to celebrate the 80-year-old Batman, this integral is perfect for appearing in your libraries.
Note that Urban Comics has also released a book called "Art-book" Dark Knight III Collection of various covers Where you will find a new presentation by Saga's 150 cover and unpublished research and sketch, as well as Klaus Johnson.

By Berthold,

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