Thursday , January 21 2021

Bernard Cashmere CC: "There is only one file, but it has two parts"

XALIMANEWS: Directorate of Training and Communication of Directorate General for Election (DJE), Bernard Kasmeer Casey, has conceded that there is only one file for the next presidential election, which he accepted, however, there are two sections, including Diaspora voters.

"Those who raise questions about 2 to 3 files, they probably have good faith, only one file but it has 2 parts," he said. At the beginning of the first session of "Brotier 2019 Tuesday"

A portion of this file "governs voters established in Senegal and operates in other countries in Dyspora, but there is only one file for the presidential election organization". On February 24, Bernard Kasmeer Casey added that during the meeting, the dialogue and exchange Is in place for The Presence Christian Association and Radio Station "Aspen FM" Initiative

The participation of the Home Ministry representatives, National Regulation for Media Regulation (CNRA) and voter experts in the first session of the "Broteter 2019" on "Dialog, Transparency and Peace" theme was recorded. .

Chief Election Officer (DGE), Director of Training and Communication, Voter Letter, Actors in Counting Process, Countdown, at least 35 days before voting, Election maps and Voter Cards.

According to Bernard Kasmeer Casey, the voter map is not "after 25 January", that is Friday, then Friday, after which the Interior Ministry "will file all the papers and electronic versions, at the disposal of all actors." Retires next February 8th.

"It is very legitimate to claim these actors files, but in the view of the legislation law of L11, the home ministry can publish the file 15 days before voting," said Bernard Kasmeer Sysas.

After returning to the initiative of "Bronteir 2019" on Tuesday, Association Presence Christie, President of the August Charles Troupe, asserts that this meeting is a part of peace and concordance. Church "for the protection of social peace during and after the February 24, 2019 election".

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