Friday , January 22 2021

Boom Supersonic raised $ 100 million for Concorde's successor

Boom Supersonic raised $ 100 million for Concorde's successor

Boom Supersonic, In the next half century after the Concorde, the desire to develop commercial supersonic aircraft has been announced on Friday. On January 4, it has been successful in financing 100 million dollars to finance its project.

To finalize their plans for the flight Sydney-Los Angeles In 6:45 Flight instead of 15h New York LondonIn 3:15 Normally in 7 hours or a place Tokyo-San Francisco In 5:30 At 11 o'clock, Boom Supersonic announced that it has raised $ 100 million to develop a 55-seat commercial aircraft, which could eventually go to Concorde's designated successor, Mach 2.2. "Supersonic flight has been around for more than 50 years, but recently it has been accepted by the regulators to make it effective and customer-friendly. In the revolutionary new design, we connect the proven materials and technologies with other passenger aircraft, which provide revolutionary acceleration to passengers and airlines. "Boom says supersonic. Some investment funding, such as US technical groups Google, Airbnab and Dropbox support Denver, Colorado-based startup. Black Shawl, the founder of former Amazon employee Boom Supersonic, has also said that it would be a Supersonic Plane named "Overture" "World's First Economically Systematic". As a reminder, Concorde came into service in 1969, then completed his career disaster in 2000. Crash Air France plane killed 113 people shortly after leaving Paris

While some analysts are suspicious about the economic model of supersonic aircraft today, the founder is committed "Making High Speed ​​Flights Accessible to Everyone". According to him, technological development will allow the overturn to remain silent on the take-off and landing, while the cleaner fuels are included. This is the first prototype overture test flight scheduled this year.

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