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Business Ousseinou Diop and "Thiantacounes": Collected Disappointment (Ibrahim Sadiq NDour)

"The worst attraction is the feeling" (Stephen Hessel, 2010).

Ousseinou Diop Case: A Violence and a desire to justify France

Four years (4 years), the young Zenalis, named Euseanio Diap, lies in the jail of Reebus. He was prosecuted for apology in the name of terrorism. This is due to the comments made by his Facebook page after the attack by Charlie Hebdo. At this time, he was only 19 years old. He was a second year student of science faculty at Chek Anta Dipu University (UCD) in Dakar. He has not yet tried. The prisoner has been sentenced to four years in prison.

In January 2015, after the attack on Charlie Hebdo, Dakar Actu (a land near energy) on a Facebook paper named "Hussain Wees", founded in New York, "I'm happy with your attacks, because you will pay for Chali Hibdo's job, our beloved Mohammad Muhammad (PLL) face, and you'll have to pay for our favorite Muslim brother Kaulibali (editor, jihadist, killed in hyper-karcher attack) -Online competition I tinirannunna indicates that another attack. " The arrests of Senegalese were immediately seized by the French authorities.

In view of this kind of expression, oscilloscope diaspora made it clear that a criminal offense was committed, describing, or commenting on a crime by calling a favorable moral verdict. In addition, he can be considered as the author of a fake terrorist hatred. Will he continue to be remanded in remand for four years, considering his age and circumstances? Answer, no imbalance, no! Of course, for such facts, the young French has given the recognition that it deserves and it was proportional to the crime he committed. Charlie hints two examples of Hebei's attacks, and at the same time, shows a sharp change and view of French justice. The first one was a 19-year-old Frenchman who boasted of the atrocities committed by attackers on social networks. The juvenile was sentenced by the Criminal Court of Carpenthes "Apologizes for a terrorist act"12 months and 210 hours of community servicehttps://www.laprovence.com/actu/faits-divers-en-direct/3212237/un-lyceen-condamne-pour-apologie-des-attentats.html). Your 12 month suspended judgment is better read the community service! The second example is another 24-year-old, while writing on Facebook, that the attack on the Chariwe ഹെഡ് was a joy to be a "festival day" in addition to joking about the video of the murder of the police officer Ahmadiney. Merabeth. This young man has been sentenced to 5 months in prison.https://www.ladepeche.fr/article/2015/01/16/2030040-un-castrais-condamne-pour-apologie-du-terrorisme.html). Finally, still taking a biscuits in Paris, Paris, September 17, Saturday, a fake warning writer, helicopter, police, junta and soldiers will be punished between six months to two years and 7,500 euroshttps://www.lemonde.fr/les-decodeurs/article/2016/09/19/que-risquent-les-auteurs-d-une-fausse-alerte-terroriste_4999873_4355770.html). What is the length and the form of this text? Ousseinou Diop is miles away from the imprisonment of the trial 4 years before continuing tolerance. At the time of silence, these two young men were given the second opportunity of French justice, no doubt, they would think more than once before entering social networks to apologize for terrorism. Another lesson is that French justice does not show itself as a machine to break down the hopes of a family. On the other hand, they knew how to treat pessimistic work, of course, the mistakes they made from teenage teenagers and teenagers. If our rulers, rulers, and judiciary want to cheat France, they have the knowledge that they need to copy good sides. In the altar of faithfulness, and the desire to provide for their masters' wages, they can destroy a young man's life and destroy the hopes of a family. This is unacceptable. Ousseinou should make us move as soon as possible to resolve Diop's emergency judgment.

The Thiantacounes Thing: proof of double-speed justice

In 2015, two of his followers, Bara Saud and Abakagger Digen, were stabbed to death by Medicaid Salam of Theotone. This investigation led to Baitio Theion, the principal sponsor of murder, and led nine nine other "thaitan counters" of this low job. Samba Pal, Mamado Ani, Mamado Gaai, Dimba Kayebe, Moussa Dai, Khadim Sek, Mohammed Sen, Ali Duuf, and Chek Phai. All of them are under arrest warrants, including Bentio Theon, very quickly, a quick, a temporary release. "Thiantacounes" will be held in prison for six years, for nine consecutive years "Criminal conspiracy, cover the corpse, illegal burial, criminal offenses, murder and barbarism activities". Their application for the probational release was rejected by the judge of the Criminal Division of Mount Govt. They ran outside because they did not promise a serious guarantee of representation. A six-year jail sentence awarded to Sengalice Landa Even the union president of Senegal's magistrate admits that it is not uncommon to justify a person in the prison for six years in prison. One who is considered to be the main sponsor of two murders goes around with his five wives and organizes "big theaters", as it comes out of defamation. In the blood vessel case. Assin Deaf should register the case. He is jail in prison for voluntary retribution and revenge without trial. What a very serious (misuse of justice and power) and what breaks the foundation of the rule of law!

Tolerance of the people: All the anger will be lost

These two (2) cases are jealous of Senegal and Senegalese. The accused should not survive the penalties they suffer in these two cases, but when they have the right to be judged within a reasonable time, they are not dishonored. So far, human rights organizations deny such a situation, but do not succeed, because it does not concern people. In the new academic year, students who were educated on their colleague Ousseinou Diop's judgment explain in detail the food claim (scholarship amounts, opening of restaurants, living room, etc.). They provide all the reasons for disappointing younger people: the projects of the community are not less of the great reasons for building the future of Nationals. Our women and politicians dedicate their everyday actions and concerns to the majority of people and their personal welfare and their families in search of unfair enrichment environments. What about academic matters? People who are aware of the need to have a contribution to the transformation and knowledge of the people who are responsible are in disarray with disastrous consequences. Education experts, in revolutionary sectors, especially in revolutionary areas, in revolutionary areas, abandoned "Sar math" Do not try to upset the followers of the present power in the hope of getting the benefit. Marabouts? I think it has not ended in Senegal because it ended (Mame Abdou Aziz Sy Dabakh, Serigne Fallou, Serigne Saliou, Thierno Mouhamadou Saidou Ba). So they are not numbered, and there is no need for those who declare themselves.

The most serious thing is that the senegalese are now in a state of irritation. He became a mere illiterate follower. He says we're plundering millions of people and he's left with no shortcomings. It prevents honest citizens through false nudity and does not matter, because it is divine will. The president of the Republic is a person who, according to the Constitution, appoints his family, is honest, capable and fortunate to have a family (a Senegan singer says, "That's more than a fortune.) Steffein Hessel commented on a healthy response to commitment. If not committed, none of our current circumstances will change! It's time to open our eyes and work together for justice, talk to business in Ousseinou Diop, Thiantacounes, and Assane Diouf. None of us is safe from these injustices. We can always happen or come to a person who is near to us. Therefore, we have an interest in abusing and self-organizing that distribution of justice is just and timely. Do not provide justice in social power / economic and political power. It is unacceptable for the people to redirect you to the authority to redress your personal accounts. Is this not the first sign of dissatisfaction?

Ibrahim Sadiq Endure

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