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Call Presidential APAISEE in Prayer in 2019 – senegalinfos


Ali Nogoy Nadevi, Home Minister, urged Khalifa General of Madinah Bayi to call for Peace Presidential elections in Senegal in 2019. Minister of State for Woolf, during his official farewell ceremony celebrated the birthday of Prophet Mohammed (PSL) from Monday to Tuesday.

At the ceremony held at Mysen Hostels in Madeena Bay, Eli requested to pray for the victory of Noyadei's missions. He also lauded the international head of A Baadija Ibrahimi Naisi, the influential figure of Bide (1900-1975), the founder of Madeena Bay, Senegal and Substratum.

The diplomatic relations with Senegal describe the existence of a medina bay with citizens of many countries who helped Anil Nagoy Nadai through human development. His organization in Madeena Bay includes his arrival and his mission to develop the Muslim religion around the world.

A spokeswoman for Madeena Bay's family of Medina Bay responded in favor of the home ministry's request. Khalifa promised that the president of the General Republic would not be praying for a presidential election. Finished. The President of the Republic announced Monday at Calouze & # 39; He is expected to welcome him as a son in the General Khalilaf of the Nassassin community in Madeena Bay.

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