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Can 2019 qualifications, Gabon-Mali: Vice Bisouama's great exercise?


Last Friday at the Malin Football Federation's (FFFO) headquarters, Maggie Magazouba's Eagles coach acting coach, Gabon Mali was ranked fifth in the matchAmCameron's 2019 qualifying dates will be held on November 17 in Libreville. In addition, Sambouyatabareé (injured) will be the midfielder vice beausauta (the loss of home and work papers), a huge leader missing from this meeting in Malin.

For 5 peopleAm Cameron 2019 qualifying day, our national team should take an important trip to fight with Gawon at Liberal, Panthers on November 17th. The acting coach of the Eagles in Mali has revealed the list of players selected by Mamoudou magazine before the meeting.

Marion coach gave him an opportunity to explore opportunities and opportunities. For this purpose, there is a need for every Mali in the national team.

"First of all, to recharge their batteries, we should not say energy, emotional motivation, mental character, in spiritual power," said Mangasaba.

The role of journalists is to inspire this new team to be able to achieve the goal of all those targeted. Regularly, especially the Malian football players.

Finally, thanks to the press service for this great news story, he supported the support for Eagles in Mali. Everything that proves meaningless to the national team. Mamadou Magasouba also thanked the public for their pain in the same pain. He believes the source of inspiration for the eagles he has permitted. "The same goal is to increase the value of our national team," he says.

This 5Am Gabon, who competes with Malik in the 2019 qualifying match, is Jijui Diyara of Malin stadium, Mamado Samasa in the Truce, Adama Kaita in the Jubbal AC.

FA from Ali SC Mets and Salif Kawalibali are Hamari Trory, Stad Rennis, Falaue Saço de Gueras, Massadio Haydara, Amenes, Baeke DBC, Eapen Chek Keeta and Mamado Fopan.

Background: Red Bull Zeissberg, Amadou Haidera in Died Bus Ziezburg, RC Lens Sulomaniya Diora and RC Lens Check Dakur of Glasgow Rangers.

Steve D. Reims, Moussa Dumbubia of Steady D. Reims, Sport Portergale's Abdullah Diaby, Faso's Massa Marega, FN Nantz's Kalifa Kaulibili, Las Palmas Hadi Zaco and Adama Nyang Charleroi from the final stadium.

It is important to note that Sambayatabara in the Royal Antwerp club and Alamirigori da Havrey are not involved in this.Am Due to damage. Other missing player midfielder midfielder is a vice-president of the Brighton FC (Residence and Work Card). But coach Magusbabah says that if he becomes liable to bring back the documents, it will be part of the election.

Good luck for eagles

By Safiatou Coulibaly

Source: The Sourashtra

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