Friday , July 30 2021

CDC – Final (Go): The King is out of Wyklub (3-0) and takes a huge choice

Raja Casablanca, in the first phase of the Confederations Cup, on Sunday. Vita Club (3-0) was auctioned. Report

Raja Casablanca has added an ASVT Club (3-0)In the first round of the Confederations Cup this Sunday night. The controversy surrounding a complex Mohammed Yyi was presented to the party before a single demonstration of the Green Devils. Juan Carlos suffered from aggressive possession of the Guerrilla men, "WCB" was old as defensive football: physical density and quick counter in midfield. When the plan was critical Jean-Marc Makcusu, big aggressive property, injured, Was replaced by Eddie Ngoyi (24th). The king's pressure increased sharply. Hosts dominate points, but did not include functionality. Before the break, there was a little better chance, while Lukeng captured Rahim (41) good head in his match. In one half, King Casablanca scored 11 shots for only one shot. Moracons did the compromise after the break?

And the king decided to target …

The answer in the back of the locker room was not long. On fast attacks, Benhalib was performing one Outstanding wait for Rahimi. Kara is already a scorer in the quarter on Brazzville grounds, the young center-cheats quietly lurking and allow its team to finally take advantage (48th, 1-0). Due to smog smoking, the meeting was blocked in a few minutes due to smog. It has not changed anythingClimbing by the king. With a nice shot at a low post, Rahimi made second lead of lead (61, 2-0). Things were made easier for the hosts when AS Vita Club accepted the penalty kick through Bunga. Benhalib scored the ninth goal of the season in the Confederations Cup against Lukong (65th, 3-0). Ten diminished, Florent Ebège's voice was heard. No significant feedback has been reported. At the Martiors Stadium, they have to show a completely different face in order to be expected to return to the most settled position next week. At this price there is a great feat.

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