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Christian Tabira by GC, named after "Politician of the Decade"


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By Helena Ergici

Today at 10:51 pm

For the magazine GQ, A decade politician is a woman and she is the former minister of Justice Christine Tabira.

Like every year, GQ Last night people who marked the year and the decades celebrate it. While only men are generally rewarded, men's magazine made a small exception this time. "Who will have enough packet and styling to connect the decade politician? A woman, Christian Tabira, apparently, binds the box of all kinds, the only political personality.", Editor-in-Chief supports Bellyn Dollet. For the first time, she is a woman who wins Decade Politician's Value And he is the former minister of justice. A woman whose praise may not be more admired has never dried up the magazine. The former sealer has been praised for legal law, which in the spring of 2013 marries people of the same name. "Christian Tabira bravely fought to change the French society. At the beginning of this century, the main reform of marriage society has been for everyone", Is still counting magazine.

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It decrypts #Matu movement

Thanks to all the improvements in marriage, Christian Tabira has a very expensive place in the heart of Frank. Asked by the magazine GQThe former Prime Minister took the opportunity to take stock of the #Mitu incident and regret that "official political speech" is not on the activities of organizations and citizens. "Do not separate #meto, you really must include that claim story, the need, in the story of mass interlapation. I think it's a turning point that is linked to two things: The first is that these women who have come up with this kind of power, these women who dare to open courage, "I say it", " I declare "," I condemn "," I reject "; Then these are technological measures that allow the unprecedented expansion of speech …"Says the French woman.

According to Christian Tabira, the government is not up to date and does not have enough movement in it. "More interesting than my opinion on the government, it is certain that political powers in France are also all questions, elsewhere. Ours is probably a bit more than the other, because we think our story is a little better than others, which we present, which is more true than the rest of the world. Universal imagery: France's homeland, country of arts and letters etc. But, indisputably, we are not at work."She concludes.

By Helena Ergici

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