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Crowdfunding: Africa is not back


If the financial requirement is $ 331 billion, SMEs in the continent can not find a loan. With the emergence of the horizon, the horizon made it clear, but now the lack of a regulatory framework on the continent is slowly developing.

There are about 44 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Africa. Their financial requirement was $ 331 billion. Despite its obvious growth, the demand for traditional banking system shows its limits. In fact, 80% of small enterprises are difficult to access credit. A situation prevents the development of the continent, but new forms of financing can be solved. This is evident from a panel held yesterday in the Africa Forum Forum Quoting, organized by Partnership Financing Africa and the Mediterranean (FIPM). According to Fpam co-president Thameur Hemdane, "crowfunding or crowdfunding is an important tool for the development of the continent". Born in Europe in 2010, cuff finance has already shown its value. Hemadon gives an example of Great Britain, and this partnership partnership is developing very significantly. It represents 20% of the loans provided to the companies and 17% of the company's own funds. It's not an epiphenomenon or a movement in the margins of the financial system, they are fullstuded financial players, "Hemdane says," Culture, Civil Society, all kinds of projects, especially social and weather challenging projects, and especially encouraging projects, "says Hamildin.
The Forum organized by Jokkolab is aimed at promoting the best practices of landlord in the continent. According to the panel's participation, this is to establish a statutory framework. World Bank finance expert Laurent Gonente indicates that this chapter discusses with Central Bank to develop a restrictive framework. Stocks are high. Digitalization of the continent hopes to make huge profits in the economic sector of the continent. According to the study, by 2025, 400 million new people will be added to mobile through mobile. It will create 758 billion new deposits and $ 448 billion in loans.
Today, there are active actors in the field. In the West African regions, the newest Fntech is actively working to pay off, and in the South-East of the continent, Mobilized funds are used everywhere for investing in the investment. The example of Nigeria marks the example of Nigeria's triangular Jean-Louis Trory, based in Ivory Coast. The farm crops platform has provided 7,000 farmers with participatory funding.

Financing Interest
If the exploitation was bad in the continent, the causes were more than one. But Mr. Gonnet of the World Bank says that some of the crises need to be solved. He also pointed out that issues of chemistry and small business management in small and medium enterprises are also guaranteed. In this context, funding is going on for monetary owners and he added that by installing guaranty funds, more and more public authorities are being added. We recognize that Walry Dabadi of the African Development Bank (Bad) is particularly important part of the amount we demand. "We have to change the way we do," she says.
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