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Decline of Presidency: Evidence of possession

"After his creation in 1992, the constitutional council had never given any opinion" Ismaela Mediar Fall
On 16 February 2016, addressing the Senegalese nation, President Mikey Soul pardoned his commitment to "reduce the presidency" for five years to "abide by the resolution of the constitutional council". On Sunday, March 6, 2016, a guest of the Certified Council, Ismaeela Mediar Fall, RFM's "Grand Jury" show, alleged that "the naming of constitutional council acts is not clear." It takes a decision when taking advice in consultative matters. After its creation, the Constitutional Council always decides. It has never happened that the Constitutional Council gives opinion. "Our disposal documents However, the long history of Senegal's organizational history (since 1993) clearly and clearly proves that the constitutional council gives opinion (advisory powers) and decisions (the ability of the jurisdiction) to be given. Obviously, Medier Foul does not control his subject.
The Constitutional Council's opinion of November 9, 2000 upheld the President's condemnation in 2016
On November 3, 2000 (Advisory), President Abdoulaye, the constitutional law, arrested by the Vedas, was arrested for constitutional legislation in the referendum, gave an opinion (number 3/2000) which is unclear. Indeed, the instrument "notice" is a complete correspondence between the term "is of opinion" and the legal conclusions (this is a notice of law). The terms of the opinion of the Constitutional Council on November 3, 2000, are clear and very specific on November 9, 2000: "Case N ° 3/2000 … Opinion …. After considering the law … On November 03, 2000 By the journalist, the President of the Republic, according to Section 46 of the Constitution, seeks the opinion of the constitutional council on the constitution of the Constitution beforehand. To be introduced in a republic ….. Without the discrimination between the Legislative Assembly, the right to take initiative in the referendum is considered … It is believed that the President of the Republic can present the draft constitution in a referendum … the current opinion was discussed by the Constitutional Council on November 9, 2000. "9 The legal interest of the opinion of November, 2000 is in fact, in relation to the process related to referendum, constitutional council is constitutional and There is no difference between general legal matters.
According to Madonna Faul's thesis, when the Constitutional Council is arrested for opinion (consultant matter), then she decides that the opinion is completely abolished by N3/2000. This historical document places the definitive end of the discussion: In consultative matters, the Constitutional Council presents opinions that will never bind the President. In the article titled "The Constitutional Decision of the Constitutional Council is Just Counseling Opinions" in the opinion of the President, as a conjurer of the President's Legal Advisor, he said that "meaningful development between section 46 and section 51 of Article 2001 of Article 2001 of the Constitution of 2001 argued It is that in the past it was a question of the constitutional council's opinion on the draft law, while now it is Araniya Constitutional Council's opinion on the draft law ". This analysis is an intellectual dishonesty, as it suggests that with Article 46, the President of the Republic could not find the constitutional council for the opinion of the constitutional law on the draft. However, the date of the Prime Minister, Opinion N ° 3/2000 specifies that on Article 46 of the Constitution, the President of the Republic sought the opinion of the Constitutional Council on the constitution of the Constitution; And secondly, the terms of Article 46 (the Constitution of 1963) and Article 51 (Constitution 2001) are similar to the nature of the work of the constitutional council (opinion). Any time, whatever article has been prepared (Article 46 or 51), it is written, opinion of black and white or constitutional council is necessary (common denomination). Associate in Public Law said that "Sergey Diop, who had sent Ismella Medier FLL to her favorite study", the law can do everything except Jean-Louis de Lomé's famous formula, unless it transforms a man into a woman ". Opinion N ° 3/2000 case was confirmed by N ° 1/2005: On September 1, 2005, the President of the Republic was arrested by the opinion of the President (Advisory matter) on a bill made in Article 60. The basic law and the general draft law, the constitutional council, that transfers the dates of the assembly elections to the first round of voting in the 2007 presidential election, makes it clear that the organization is part of one of its advisory powers, under Article 51 of the Constitution (for the 7th of September 2005's Constitutional Council's Legislative Assembly, , Mrs. Merylie N & # 39; Dieu was the council's president at the time). Case no 1/2005 proves that the constitutional council always makes a difference between its opinion (under its advisory jurisdiction) and its decisions (under its jurisdiction). It is clear, crisp and accurate (no confusion is possible).
Seregan DIOP, 45 professors of the law, Professor Babakara Guy, Abdoulay Daiyi, Debian SI, and all the Constitutionists who, in 2016, have explicitly argued that the council explicitly argues that this council has made a constitutional notice, not a decision. Pope John Paul II said, "Truth always lies on the lies". Like President Mikey Soul, he had failed in his duties seriously, violated his oath (Article 37 of the Supreme Charter on the Protection of Constitutional provisions) and gave false testimony. To do such wrong things, Mikey Sull is completely inappropriate for a new word. Despite all the respect due to the presidential office, after understanding such a legal falsification, it is believed to be a real betrayal (change of decision to reduce its order not to reduce 5 years), this honor allows them to request Senegalese vote in 2019.
Conflicting Incompatibilities of the Constitutional Council – Decision No. 1 / C / 2016
All experts and legal professionals have read the decision-making decision of the Constitutional Council of 12 February 2016. Careful reading of the November 9, 2000 notice reveals flagged inaccuracies of 12 notices-decimals. February 2016. Opinion No. In 3/2000, there was a complete correspondence between the words "notice", "pre-notification", and the legal conclusions of "notice" equipment. In Notice-Decision No.1 / C / 2016, there is an incompatibility between the word "decision", "pre-notification" and the "legitimate decision" of this decision. In fact, 7 "Sages" wants to embed a notice to give it a "decision" look. 45 professors of the law fully understood the maneuvers and made clear in his manifest that "the constitutional council was trying to introduce the judgment (referral, visa, rectals, device) in its opinion, it was mandatory that the device," for this reason, To bring down. If it was a decision, the Constitutional Council would "decide for these reasons".
Other incompatibility, related to the nature of referrals (voluntary) by "saints" in 2016. According to the Constitution of the Constitution of 2000, in all other opinions, the constitutional council clarifies from the beginning that "it was seized by the President of the Republic, according to Article 46 of the Constitution". However, interestingly, in the 2016 notice-decree, for the first time the constitutional council, Ewis, was released to refer to it was seized by the President for "legitimate pirate", work on the outline of the decision. Not to mention the nature of the referral to the head of state (opinion) by not using the appropriate title to describe their work, initially, not to end the discussion, to specify the nature (opinion) of its work by official proceedings, and finally, The President, who gave the signal to the President, did not fix the eligibility of the "decision" for the political termination (not to reduce its order). Is not, but is of the opinion; The constitutional council became a happy ally of Mikey Sol, who on February 16, 2016 had rejected the crucial advisory opinion.
According to the conclusion, on November 9, 2000, the opinion N3/2000 is a conclusive proof that the opinion-decision N ° 1 / C / 2016, on which President McKinsey believes in denying his commitment to reducing the order for 5 years, is legal Legal is false beliefs. This fraud is conducted by the country's first Magistrate, the guarantor of the stability of the institutions, it is the road to Senegal who favors the creation of the state's authority which is dispersed. If 45 professors and legal professionals decided in 2016 that "the constitutional council's opinion contributes to the devaluation of legal science studies, through which the institution of the university is invested by the faculty of law," citizens are entitled to seek accounts from 7 "saints". In the published section of May 14, 2018, "Constitutional Council between Duplicate and Indecision", we conclude our analysis in these Terms: "Citizens have the right to demand that the body president be invited to the conference. To inspire every notice or decision, Extended to members of civil society (instructions and decisions are public documents). The interests of such public debate is that the Constitution The president of the local council will be allowed to declare the nature of the law (opinion or decision) and not to take care of the executive power to define or improve acts. According to his political interests, the body "
Recently, during the workshop during a training workshop: "Constitutional Council and Media, a dialogue has been established", the President of the Constitutional Council and Senegal seem to have become aware of the vast difference between civilians. . However, what happened on February 16, 2016 is very serious for democracy and the rule of law in Senegal. Innocently by Mikey Soul (CF Aivis-Decan N ° 1 / C / 2016) in favor of the false belief of the decision of the decisive verdict, especially by the guilty silence, the collective resignation of the 7 "SAGES" of the constitutional council is the minimum. Because, if the secret of the discussion is accepted, on the big question concerning the President's mandate, illegal assistance to people in the moment of stress (in 2016) becomes "damaged".
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