Friday , January 15 2021

Delta Air Lines: Is Airbus 220 Blocked Blocked?

Delta Air Lines: Is Airbus 220 Blocked Blocked?

This Political block Affect the United States FAA And in return for entry into the first service Airbus A2020-100 From the airline Delta Air Lines.

It was distributed in October 2018 and subsequently three others joined, the first of which 75A-220-100 Order by American company to enter service on January 31, 2019 New York-LaGuardia And Boston and Dallas Airport But according to FlightGlobal, partial closure of government risks to question this launch date. Because if the Airbus A20 (previously Bombayardier CSeries) was certified by the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) in June 2016, then the U.S. Carriers need additional certificates for entry into the new type of service – and " Operational Review From aircraft, including pilot training, maintenance – and physical verification of aircraft and its equipment. But the FAA units responsible for this task " Not currently in the post According to specific website sources; The normal process can be long And sometimes just before the aircraft is put into service, it just ends Adds former NTSB member who is involved in this process.

Delta Air Lines said it " Continues to monitor the situation and will work with the FAA to ensure that when A220 enters our fleet it is fully certified "The flight schedules will not be interrupted. For example in January, 16 daily flights proposed by LaGuardia and Delta Air Lines Boston-Logan Embraer 175, Boeing 717 and Airbus A319 or A320 are operated in hours; For Dallas-Fort Worth, Is operated in six daily rotation A319, E175 and E170.

Closed since the government's "partial shutdown" began on December 22, FAA did not respond to requests for comment. Connection company Skytime By August next, it is planning to introduce its A2020-100 in Detroit, Houston, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis and New York-JFK.

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