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Depch – Dupont de ligons: The M6 ​​drama brings an end to the drama

Paris (AFP) –

Where is Xavier Dotont de Ligons, is suspected of killing his father and four children and has been lost since then? M6 conceived a beautiful ending of drama in the documentary-fiction entitled "The Head of the Suspicious", released Monday night.

At the beginning of the TV movie, the character of Xavier Dupont de Ligons has promised the face camera to say "what really happened". Or "Mr All-World" was able to kill four of his directors, because his director Eonat Tianu described the press conference.

Based on a journalistic investigation, the film is changing between the story of the alleged murderer, in which violence witnesses of murder and witnesses of the file's relatives are confirmed. He also imagined the result of this case becoming the most interesting news in recent years.

Five more bodies were found in Nantes after more than two weeks of assassination on April 21, 2011. Xavier DuPont de Ligons, on the 15th of April in the south of France, in the back, a case that could include a rifle, was seen for the last time.

Justice has not established father's fault He was convinced that his family would be put under the protection of American justice.

Instead, the film represents the surplus hypothesis of debt, which would have forced her to suppress her wife, children and dogs against social decline. "I did not have a choice, I do not let you live these things: failure, poverty, humiliation", throws out his family's alleged murderer, which can be up to 57 today. Year

Still alive?

His interpreter of Belgian actor Arioch Salomon says that he played "two characters" between "the role of a very loving father and the rocks". On the one hand, a charming family man who wanted to be a model, and on the other hand a man who calculated and sexually assaulted, who wanted to prepare a full crime, and who was not expected to find the body of the body, under the roof of the family home.

"It was important to find humanity of this character," said Eonut Thanu. The director says that Xavier DuPont de Ligons "has written a lot" (letters on the Internet forums, messages) and "what the film has given to the thread."

Combining facts and fictional things, but in its gray areas, it also best describes the case with its toughest details. The families of the leaders were "informed" of the project and "the only request from Agnes's family (Mother, Eddie) was that it does not originate from the intimate life of the couple", underlines the director.

"I think he's alive," Bruno di Stebenith, a boyfriend of Javier Dupont de Lignas, who is a witness in the documentary. "Of course he's a monster (…) but I'm always trying to understand, he's still my friend, he's done," the actor and the author have prepared a book about this. Investigation

The film will be aired on Monday, M6 will be discussed, in which Nathalie Renaux will find some witnesses and experts working in the case. M6 pre-investigates other criminal cases to deal with this origin of document-fiction.

Her opponent, TF1, who achieved the success of a great audience with her film about Jacqueline Souzz, is also interested in the case. The channel starts shooting for the Mini-Series, "Suspicions to Vans" these days, where a character played by Kad Merad is suspected of Xavier Dupont de Lignas.

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