Monday , January 25 2021

Did Alstom-Siemens damage the merger? Bruno Le Mare has strongly criticized the European Commission


The Franco-German marriage between Elstom-Siemens, which is considered to be a European leader in the rail industry, is capable of standing up to the Chinese giants of the region, it can be denied by the European Commission. And it is very hard to dislike Bruno Le Mayer, who defended this mix with this continuity The Great Rendez-Wus Europe 1 / Seanews / Les echos.

Impossibility for Europe to "create an industrial champion". "European competition law is obsolete, it was built in the 20th century and today 21st century industrial globes have emerged, and Europe does not allow its own industrial champion", initially limiting the minister of the French economy, reunited . A few years ago, French Alstom and German Siemens were leaders in the rail industry, they are now behind the CRRC, which is a Chinese giant who manages all of our technologies.

"Are we waiting to wake up?" Alstom and Siemens announced their intention to merge last year, making this new Franco-German group a European railroad wide, worth only 15 billion euros. If it stays half as much as a Chinese rival, then there is at least one way to stay in the race.

Because the benefits of the Chinese camp are really, Bruno Le Mayer remembers. "China has a market at 29,000 kilometer high or high speed lines, 9,000 in Europe, CRRC makes 200 high speed or high-speed trains in one year, Alstom and Siemens 35. Turnover Alstom and Siemens together, half of the CRRs The minister said, he added: "CRRC took almost all the tender in the United States on trains and public passenger transport in cities Area, we look forward to waking up? "

"Economic error and political error". Rhetorical question is directly addressed to the European Commission. In late October, he expressed concern that "concentration" among Alstom and Siemens reduces the competition for supply of various types of trains and signaling systems, and did not give green light to the merger. . Elstom and Siemens have accepted the range of reverse steps and are now awaiting Brussels response until February 19.

Bruno Le Mayer is waiting for this decision. "If the European Commission is to take a negative decision on this alliance, it will do it for the wrong reasons, and it will leave Siemens and Elstom completely abandoning the skills and techniques that are completely unreasonable. If they get rid of the best performance of Alstom and Siemens It is useless to ask for a merger if it is received, "he condemned.

"It's not just an economic mistake, it's a political mistake, because it will make the entire European industry weak against China", the judge of the Berlinian tenant.

"Let the Fusion Come". According to Bruno Le Meyer, "It will send the signal, the conquering will face China, or Europe itself divides and destroys it." And to finish: "I hope this merger ends, and I do not accept any reason that opposes the commission."

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