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DJ Arafat's death: Where will the funeral take place?

Crying DJ Arafat died on August 12 from a motorcycle accident, a near and radical musician thinks at the funeral at the same time. Especially instead.

The funerals of national and international icons are not arranged anywhere. You need a place to qualify for his position. It is in any case a message sent by fans of DJ Arafat through a petition that started on Tuesday.

In a related text by Ivorian Media, "Chinese" (the singer's fans) have clearly set their sights on the stadium, Cote d'Indo;

"We hope that the officials of Cટte d'Ivoire, from the Ministry of Culture, will make Stade Felix H Fuet-Bogni available to celebrate our heroes for the last time, prematurely. Through this petition we give a helping hand, so as to wish our angel Didier Huan. Done, "the petition reads.

In addition to the venue, the degree of pride will also be proportional to the participation of officers. And according to sources cited by the media, President Ottara should be present at the funeral.

Dj Arafat, whose real name is Angel Hyun Didier, died on August 12 after a motorcycle accident, was considered the most undisputed king of the coup. Their disappearance was so "unpredictable" that many music lovers around the world had to contend so far to accept the terrifying evidence of nature.

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