Friday , January 15 2021

Expression – The Daily – CEO of Sonalagas explains itself

Sonelagas CEO Explains

Mr Archaeb says that the number of offenses related to illegal association has decreased and now it is around 4000.

The CEO of the public group, Mohammed Arbebe, explained his statement on the increase in electricity tariff yesterday. The first official of Sonalgas said yesterday that this is not his prerogative and only the Commission for Electricity Regulation (Craig) deserves such a proposal. "As the CEO of Sonalagas Group, I have just said that the production and distribution of electricity is expensive," he added, "the solution is not only rising rate." "In addition to tariff revision, the need to improve the management of the company to make its costs plausible with production delivery Is, "he said. And in this regard, Mr. Archbay said that Sonalgas wants to secure its infrastructure and make its costs plausible. It is a challenge and need to be explained during the Regional Education Day on EIS. "Rigorous and rigorous use of technical and human resources should understand the optimization and resourcefulness of resources, which are essential to protect organizations by ensuring proper measurement of the financial condition." Public economic enterprises, "he said, adding that it is involved in this regulation to enrich the management of SEE Catch up for consultation and integration between all stakeholders Avavamam is, which is in accordance with the regulatory provisions. Regarding once again on security, Mr Urbak will assert that "the challenge for us today is to introduce new technologies to improve the security system, to safeguard energy infrastructure and goods and to make people safe and secure." Security, while assuring the cost of intelligence, is assured. With robbery of cables and illegal affiliation, the company's financial position may be affected, Sonalagase CEO replies that his group has established energy brigades to control the network and quickly intervened in the case. Theft or crime However, he said that the number of illegal connections has been reduced with the transfer of slum dwellers and indefinite settlements, which is a source of fraud for Sonalagas. Currently, the number of offenses related to illegal affiliation is approximately 4000. "Commenting on the group's investments in Africa, the Archaea made a deal with their group to provide electricity to neighboring countries, especially Tunisia and Morocco, Study is to expand its business operations in other African countries at the price of the price. "Sonalgaz locates its texture Has created a tool that gives it the opportunity to broadcast electricity from the continental countries through high voltage cables with global solutions such as Algerian means. "In 2019, the buttons were congratulated by mentioning other things in the manufacturing plant's production plant's electric power turbines. In this context, Announced the negotiation, which gave Sonalgaz the sense of networking The jury should be given in some countries before 2020.

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