Friday , August 19 2022

Fatick took 500 kg weight and declared Abdurahman Diang


Keer Laien, located in Foundiougne, an official of water and forest fire in the village of Sokhana village on November 16, said Regional Inspector Commandant Abdurahman Diyagani, a pharmaceutical water and forest area. On November 15, 2018, on the border of Gambia, it was hiding in a 500 kg hegro bag.

"Our agent was conducting inspections by our agents, intercepting our agents as intermediaries, who tried to block the barracks just 22 hours before two carteards in the cartridge," he said. The commander explained the diagram on a telephone line.

During regular checkups, the officer used one of the two men, and when they arrived at the wound and on the right, they pulled out eight bags from their cart. Indian shape, "he added.

Inspector Diagonine said that the quantity of drugs was 500 kg.

"Our checkpoint, located on the Coir Saumum Diani's Commune, is now safe and safe in medicine and is being transfered to the foundation for further action.

Anilkumar said that he was arrested in the forest area. There are many illegally stupid stories.

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