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Features Floor, Best Title I PARIS Turf


Fluorescent feature

Fluorescent feature

It is a preix lipard, which will support the La Carte Beats on this Thursday, November 29 at 2500 meters of Day Kartvill's sand track. This event appears to be a victim of the label listed, trace flurs, which has other ambitions.

Resident of André Fabre, Fluorescent Features (4-Pierre-Charles Bautaut) has titles at its higher position, showing her in second place Gene Impact Award (Gr.I)

Or its access to another Isfahan awards (Gr.I).

In other words, it finds the commitment of choice in this main species. Without incident, he logically returned to victory. Its co-owner Andrea Pasha hopes: " Co-owner Andres Patch – she went with a fever in Newmarket on October 13th. It was good not to take a little risk. She is now back in order and everything is fine for her … "

Other places feel devastating Starting from Rolando (5 – Mikele Bazazalano), German two positive results (1ST And 2E) On the proposed route. It definitely will have to rely on it. Andrea Wheeler relies on her form that she plays a leading role: " Miles were short for the last time in Italy, and the pace of the race was very slow. He just finished eighth. I can guarantee you a beautiful shape on the morning of work. On the other hand, Sand Deuvillais appreciates. It will run well, even if it is too much … "

Then we will remember two mares Lady Sydney (11 – Stefan Pasquier) and Kayenne (15 – Frank Blodel), which is more prominent at the main obstruction level. Not very unusual, they should be able to distinguish themselves, especially as they have proven themselves on this surface. Noray (6) shows consistent consistency. Using Christoph Somilan, she can do well at this level of competition. The third season of this event in the last season, Filling (3 – Vincent Kämmeund) applies this version to a great shape because it lives on two provincial successes. In the eyes of sand in England, Walk in the Sun. (10 – Rob Horny) Probably do not visit Daville. It is like a tool to put itself in the same way Crown Prince (1 – Andres Starkey). This is difficult to decide. It takes its first step on this type of clay and is unable to declare itself from the beginning.

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