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Fedadem's Presidency: Madou Wolo is a candidate


Acting comedian and director Kerry Bogoba Colibili is known for being president of the Federation of Artists of Mali (Fedema), known as Madu Volo. The candidature of former Secretary-General of the same structure, Madhu Volo, has been confirmed by many Malaysian artists.

This Saturday, June 29, 2019 General Assembly of Fame will be held in the Remembrance Pyramid. The main dish of this assembly will be undoubtedly the new president's choice on the head of the governing body of artisan umbrella in Mali.

Comedian Kerry Bogoba Colby, who is known as Madou Wolo, is a candidate. It wants to succeed in Amado, which is not a party according to our sources. Backed by many co-workers, Madou Volo believes in this general assembly.

More than 30 years for culture

Born in 1962 in Segoo region, especially in Kola, Tona district, Kari Bogota Colibili has become a symbol of comedy in Mali. Famous Seogovian Percussionist Bogobi, son of Colibilly, comes from the family of Carrie Musicians. Since the age of 5, he thanked his elder brother Arona for his childhood. In 1982, Kari joined the National Institute of Arts (INA) and graduated in the drama in 1986. In the INA, he met many actors with whom he formed in late 1986, Troop Ganoglon.

Despite being a playwright, he studied with senior musicians at INA. She learns electric guitar and traditional guitar, corea, piano, drums. Kerry plays many roles in amateur theaters in the institute with her friends. She gets her first big role in the title play "I'm alone", Ivorian author Bernard B. Daddya

Karey set up a musical group "Tobodji" In 1997, the song comes from a song playing with musician Toum's DiBeat. They will participate in baptism, marriage and other ceremonies and ceremonies.

The birth of a truppe "genologolon"

After leaving the INA, Kerry joins forces with its promoters to create multi-level theatrical traps. "Gnôgôlon" 1986 on. The play is made with the advice of French playwright Philip Dossier. Initiatives are the pillars of Kerry Cooliebelly, Malik Drama, Salim Silla, and Tennima Senego, Troop. Mango will be known by the creation of its people in four corners of Ganogolon and the countryside.

In 1998, Berkinina was thanked by filmmaker Sotigui Koete for his role. The dream of Python Danny Cooyaty. Sotgui Cauette, Habib Debele and Aliyan Efra Nadiye made "Mandela Theater".

He needed a player who met a lot of criteria: singers, actors and musicians at one time. And Kerry met all these criteria. It is the beginning of international careers. Thanks to Mandela Theater, by Kerry Abijan, later, Dakor is known to Wagadogou around the world.

Musician musician, administrator, man usually touches all the areas of art.

However, his great passion is the theater. The children of Segou turn into films: Sanoudje Bubakar Cbeby, Yelema From Mamou Cissé he inherited his nickname "Madou Wôlô", Chuck Oumar Sissoko of this population, Python of Sia Dream Danny Cooyaty. He also interprets the role of the bar musician Dzengini in sitcom Smile.

And tomorrow, from Saturday, now he wants to be the flag holder of all Malaysian artists.

Created in 2000, Fedema is a regulatory framework for consultation between artists, from the perspective of sustainable development of this area. The 7th group of organizations, the Multinational Federation of Artists, is a representative group of art and culture sectors: filmmakers, photographers, musicians, visual artists, dramas, writers and choreographers.


Source: Mali Tribune

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