Friday , July 30 2021

Final King-A.S. Vita's statements before

Weekends follow each other, and in the four corners of the old ocean, on the planet football with entertainment and mysterious forests are the same! In England, Spain or elsewhere, major shakes have fed football fans.

Go back to highlights on Saturday:

Spain: Osman Dambel saves Barca on Barca at Atlatoco Madrid!

During the last quarter of an hour, Atlantico Madrid – last FC Barcelona might have claimed the title of the most boring match of the season in the league. In this type of poster, the faithful, Diego Simon's men, at least for their game philosophy, took the least risks, who did not hesitate to push the long ball without worrying about the construction.

In the last moments, the scorer, Bamako, native of Osman Debele, allows blogging to draw a draw at Estadio Metropolito de Madrid. >> Full summary of the meeting

England: Manchester City and Liverpool Festival, United Hung

On the way to West Ham, Manchester City did not do half (4-0) things. With the goals of David Silva (11th), Rahim Sterling (19th) and Leroy Sen (34th and 93th), civilians quietly disposed of Manuel Pelagri soldiers, who would make a single shot on Saturday afternoon.

With this success, clear and flawless, teammates of Aimerak Leportte are ahead of Liverpool two steps, who also worked on the Lawn of Whatford (3-0). When Jordan Henderson was expelled at the end of the game (82th), Reds had differentiating on the achievements of Mohammed Reed (67th), Trent Alexander-Arnold (76th) and Roberto Fremino (89th).

Europe Zone moves towards Red Devils

Top 5 Back, is the perfect thing for Everton. With his victory over Cardiff City (1-0, Gaylief Cigarsson), Toffee returned to Watford (Look up), Bournemouth (which is with Sunday Arsenal) and Manchester United. Keeping the check at home by Crystal Palace (0-0), Red Devils can end with six points behind Europe.

Italy: Hit favorites!

And thirteen for Juventus Turin! At home, Bianconeri has serialized their aggression this season to thirteen seasons. On Saturday night, they have easily beat SPAL (2-0) despite the eleven-time period due to some preference returns.

At the reception of the pausnik free-kick, Ronaldo opened the score just before the half-hour mark (28th). Portugal's ninth goal of this season, in Italy, joins the top of the scoring chart in Piatake. Serie has returned to the locker room in its fifteenth-century galera, which was first released by her parents' post in the attempt of Douglas Costa (50m).

Eventually after a fine action on a fox's target from Mandzukic's surface, Juve murdered mysteriously at the play (60 m) hours.

Keita Balde Regels with Inter

After a while, in the evening, against Interstate France (3-0) Inter Milan followed the club in Turin. Keita Balde opened scoring at the start of the game after being second in place (57th), in front of the head of Martínz's head after double hook in the opposing field (10th).

Starting with the limits of upside off by polita, former Monsakesk continued their festival by offering a double with cold blood (82m) at the end of the meeting.

In the standings, if Juventus Turin places a comfortable mattress (nine points ahead of her dolphin in the evening), Inter Milan doubles are temporarily Naples, who will receive a Chevro Vero Sunday.

Germany: Hiking a hat-trick against Leucabici Bayern offered!

Protesting Saturday afternoon at Fortue's Dusseldorf, Bayern Munich has confirmed its limitations at the moment. After the draw (against Freiburg) and defeat (against Dortmund), the men of Niko Kovac were forced to restart the machine against their audience, but the losses are definitely deep.

Despite the achievements of Nicholas Sulay (17th) and Thomas Muller (20th and 58th), Frank Ribery's teammates were unable to win in front of the 19th position. Indeed, with the hat-trick of Belgo-Congolese dodger Luccacio (44th, 77th and 93th), visitors attracted to bring this disaster back to the issue.

With the win of Borussia Dortmund in Mainz (2-1, Paco Elsesar and Lukasz Piszek), defending champion is now nine points in the first place. Yellow & Black Entrancech is ahead of Frankfurt (which won 2-1 in Augsburg) – seven points ahead of Borussia Mönchenglab (who tied this Sunday with Hanover).

France: Very small win for PSG against Toulouse

In the Champions League match against Liverpool on Wednesday, except for Neymar and Killien Moobpe, P.S.G. On Saturday afternoon, in the league 1, his series took fourteen straight wins. At this time in the role of the victim, TFC >> Full summary of the meeting

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