Wednesday , August 4 2021

Fire of rare violence; Hardware stores and stores were washed by flames and burnt sheep

In Ziguancar, it is always hard to believe. A very violent fire broke out in the municipality of Ziguinchure in Bukote district.

On Thursday, November 22, 2018, at about 8 pm, fire destroyed three stores in Bukotian district in the municipality of Ziguinchire. Physical damage is heavy: three stores and hardware stores are kept in ashes. Four Ladoum is not mentioned in the death of the sheep.

In one of the residents of the house, Pull Deedehawl ignores the origin of fire. He interfered with firefighters to control the fire using terrorists who quickly rush into the scene quickly. The home that is going on fire is not far from the largest market in the southern capital, which is known as the St.-Maur Market.

Suffering from this situation, the people of Ziguinchor want full awareness from the officials in charge of security. Because, the memories of the fires of St.Maur and Tillen markets are always in memories, in which thousands of people have been smoking.

Police started investigating.

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