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Five things known as Eduile Palzios


Last Sunday we were working in the first set of kopa libertadores from the Boca Juniors and River Plate since 2-2. It will be seen on the second leg of November 24th. RMC Sport. The first winter roots in Real Madrid, according to Marka, will be Ecelilas Palaces (20). 20 million euros would be spent to connect the center of the river. Small presentation.

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The pure product of the river

Born in a farm in the northern part of Argentina, Eclectic Palasius became a child of Buenos Aires and became a child at the age of ten. The clean product of the Elmore's training center, made that game faster than a regularly dropped player. However, he played his first match in November 2015. Marcelo Gardado, a prominent player of 17 years (Memorial against Newell's Old Boys at 2-0), is a major player until 2018, which is frequently fascinated by fans. As a former winger, the Palacio is still considered to be a distinct medium, "box to box". "A boy with many qualities as a footballer, Father Beta is the legend of the river, and it is not regrettable if the real recruited."

Already on International 20

In the second half of the month, he was injured in the second half of the one-day clash against Guatemala (0-0). The pre-medieval front of the youth selectors, including the U20 World Cup in 2017, participating in the 2014 U17 South American Championship 2015.

Real purchased is Barcelona

In May 2017, the Pelosius Riverweptana agreement was extended to 2021. This included a 15 million euro release. A way to form the Buenos Aires is to lock the player out, or at least ensure a good check on the departure. In recent months, Argentinean has appeared in the perspectives of several major European clubs: We believe in recent data from AC Milan, Inter, Atlático and Manchester United. He would have met many times in October. For instance, competition in the Gmirio River in Libertadores. "I will withdraw all my phones, I will do all I can to give up everything that Palazis can not do, and he is still very young," President Roddoldo D'Oenfrio said, "I think he's up, yes, they are not European stars." We know techniques …

A client in the public section

In Argentina he was considered to be a very spectacular player. The local media have still left the Palazis for his heartfelt news. If the story of Bollywood's story, Model Soul Perez, was "official" in a relationship, he would have attended parallel to the children (and at the same time). He gained essential public statements.

In the heart of a controversy after the final against Boca

Kopa Libertadrös will be final on November 24. The Palacioe appears in the heart of a small controversy at the bow of Joaquess, the first bokeh in the boconnee. Within half an hour, the player overcame his nose when he joined his dressing room under rival opponents. Barka's fans were provoked by complaining of Parames' complaint on the smile of the stadium. His followers, it just blew. Holy story.

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