Friday , May 7 2021

Foot – England – MU – Manchester United: Jose Mourinho still goes after Paul Pogda

During the match between Jose Mourinho, Southampton and Manchester United (2-2) (Reuters)

England – MU

According to "The Independent", Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho criticized Paul Pogha against his teammates for lack of investment in the field after meeting in Southampton (2-2) on Saturday.

The relations between Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba have been significantly worsened from the start of the season with the difficulties of Manchester United (7th, 16 points already in town) in the championship. After a disappointing performance in Southampton (2-2), Reds crossed a new cap in Devil's locker room on Saturday.

According to Independent, The Portuguese criticized the Portuguese for lack of investment in the field against its team's colleagues. According to the Daily Records, Scottish Tabloids also offer treatment to Mow Midfielder "Virus", And throw it away: "You are not playing. You do not respect other players and supporters. Kill the mentality of good and honest people around you.

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