Friday , January 15 2021

Freedom of Justice: Telekon Meki meets •

President of Senegal's Magistrates' Association defeated President Sol's comment that his presence in the Supreme Council of the judiciary was an honor. Sauleman Telekom is because it is said that his presence in this council represents the defection of the judiciary in relation to the executive power.

In an interview with the Senegalese press on December 31, a reporter asked the Republican President's presence in the Superior Council of the judiciary, Mikey Solle argued that his presence was honorable. It is essential to say that the head of the state and the head of the Sensational (UMS) Magistrate's Union does not speak the same language. "The status of the UMS is that the presence of the President of the Republic is one of the components that strengthens executive disorders on the proceedings of the Superior Council of the Magistrates. Their presence is not honorable," Sulemenman Telekoco Improved. He spoke last Saturday on the launch of civil society actors platform for freedom of justice (Pasij). Continuing, the UMS boss said that if the magistrate asks for an amendment, changes on the formation of the Superior Council of the judiciary, it is expected that the image of someone's image will be judged. "The Supreme Council of the Judiciary is a central body that manages the career of judges and if it takes any other than a magistrate, then someone can anticipate that justice is run by justice. Therefore, I think that in the higher council The presence of the head of state represents the power of the judiciary in the executive power, "said Sauleman Teleko You. In conclusion, he remembered that the essential powers of the Superior Council of the judiciary, which is the power of the proposal and the power of nomination, is executed by the executive. "First by the Justice Minister and second by the President of the Republic. Therefore, it is necessary to proceed with the changes of the Superior Council of the judiciary, so that in its creation, it guarantees more autonomy in its work in its attribution," the Supreme Council's prosecution of the judiciary is not transparency, "said Solomon Television.

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