Saturday , July 2 2022

Ghana Agricultural Exchange will create 200,000 jobs


The distribution of Guiana Agricultural Exchange (GXX) president Nana Ado Dunkva Akfu-Ado was presented on November 6.

Over the next 18 months, a few million farmers will be included in the GCX and its affiliated warehousing facility. Ghana's farmers will be provided with storage for their crops and good storage management practices.

GCX is one of the most important players in the government's perspective to turn into a farming center in West Africa. Akpo-Ado's academic fellowship will take part in the closing ceremony. Guyana farmers give food to a country of approximately 29 million people, but they do not guarantee their income to ensure their work and effort.

On their part, some of them have to deal with imports of commodity prices, and many have little knowledge or knowledge of their true value. Most of the deals in the agriculture sector are words of speech or bargaining agreements. In most cases, there is no formal contractual agreement that is due to trade disputes that crash our marketing system, "he said.

Ghana Commodity Exchange will create over 200,000 jobs. The value-added retailer Kan-Afri-Ata said.

"Over 2,000 jobs in highly skilled and unskilled areas will be created for freighters, data analyzers, risk managers, management consultants, traders and loan officers, including winners, repackers and shipping.

GCX, the first modern commodity exchange in Ghana and West Africa, connects manufacturers and purchasers of agricultural commodities and commodities, and allows them to transmit commodities. Quality and quality for allowing them to measure their wealth.

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