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Goncott High School students David Dipp is his brother Seoul


"Self of Set", a French-Senegalese writer David Dope, novelist Gonorroth High School students. David Deop, 54, was born in Paris. He is now a lecturer before he completes his studies in Metallopolis and Saingel in Senegal. The second novel "brother of the soul" published in Sevol. He was selected on all the lists of the Mahanaya Sahithya Prize. But Goncourt high school students are a more expensive price, which is very important to the authors.

Not only is it a very important literary award but young people aged 17 to 19 represent the hundreds of high school students from different French territories, but also the best-selling ones in Belgium.

The notebook of French soldiers who exploded during 1914-18 was found twenty years before David's disappearance. He had heard stories about young ones who offered themselves. He never came back from this war. The soldiers posted on the front line, we call the "Sengalese Tyler". The idea of ​​a young man in a poem about the fate of this youngster was less or less involved, and participated in a war that they understood.

To read a portion of the "brother of the soul"

"Brother of Soul" brings us to the war 14-18 in the war, to the battlefield. The description is Senegal. His name is alpha node, he does not speak French, but in this battle he is his old friend Madam deop, an old friend. He spent all of his childhood in their village. In this shade, they will tell someone's memories in their homes. Wait to fight the captain Armand's archer. When they became young, they challenged each other. Madras left the trunk to avoid being called poor. His stomach tearing, spreading all his exhalation, persuades his friend to finish it. But it can not be alphabetically because it forbids religion. He has Momba's long pain, calm him in the early morning and feel guilty and guilty in not being able to help him. This guilt would exploit him madly. Kavya novel language is beautiful in this Changanassery. In addition to the gigantic scenarios reflecting the cruelties of all wars, David Doyep shows the sweetness of their childhood in the country, the first love feelings, his close to the missing mate.

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